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1/72 C-46 "salvage build"


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I'm calling this a salvage build because I've had two partially built William's Bros. 1/72 C-46's in my closet for ages. I plan to make one model by salvaging parts from both so I hope to be able to get one fairly decent model built. I have some Caracal decals ordered so should be able to find a subject on there that is satisfactory. Stay tuned sports fans and athletic supporters! :)

7-10-23 001.jpg

7-10-23 002.jpg

7-10-23 003.jpg

7-10-23 005.jpg

7-10-23 006.jpg

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After resuming work on this kit I've AGAIN decided to put it on the SOD. At least for a while until I feel like having a high cuss factor build. LOL NOW I remember why I put it away in the first place. Not only the very poor fit but also the lack of details and accuracy. If I go on and finish it it just wouldn't be a really satisfactory model. Just too many uh oh's to contend with. I'm not saying it's never going to get built, just not any time soon. 🤪 (I MIGHT do a little on it from time to time but not as a full time build.)

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I've been doing a little work on this model from time to time and now that the Whirlwind is completed I decided to go on and finish it. Here it is as of last night 7-21-23.

7-21-23 001.jpg

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