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P-40M to a P-40L conversion completed

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Got this one finished up and RFI. I used a Hasegawa P-40M with a Trumpeter P-40F nose grafted on to make this a "L". I also removed the Trumpeter exhaust setup and replaced that with a much more accurate Hasegawa one.  The "L's" only had four .50 guns instead of the usual six so I had to remove two of the muzzles although they kept the armament panels as they were previously with six guns so there was no modification needed there. The belts are from FineMolds. I used decals from the Kagero Topcolors #11 "Fighters Over Italy" for the unit and personal markings. The national insignias are from my decal stash. The model is painted with Colorcoats except for the cockpit which is my own mix of Testor's paint for Interior Green Zinc Chromate. I painted the seat with Alclad aluminum.

When I was getting started on the conversion I had serious doubts about the very poor fit of the Trumpeter nose to the Hasegawa forward fuselage but with a lot of filling, grinding and sanding they finally mated up pretty well. Not perfect but acceptable. I hope y'all like the results of my efforts.

Please remember to click on the 1st photo for best resolution and to view as a slide show. THANKS!!!



9-4-23 006.jpg

9-4-23 005.jpg

9-4-23 004.jpg

9-4-23 003.jpg

9-4-23 002.jpg

9-4-23 001.jpg

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  • JohnB changed the title to P-40M to a P-40L conversion completed
1 hour ago, Peterpools said:


Some brilliant grafting and conversion work - so very well done - can't tell where you even did the grafting for the nose.

I did detect a bit of chipping on the wing root and the subtle panel lines add nicely to the effect. 

Beautiful work as always


Thank you Peter. I tried to be careful on the "weathering" as it's so easy to over do it. The chipping/wear areas on the wing roots was especially tedious. But I'm pleased with the results. LOL :)

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