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DeHavilland Hornet 1/48 Classic Airframes-Finnished


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I started this build a couple days ago as a side to the wood work that's been happening on the other side of the wall.I have a few of these CA kits in stock they are not hard just different in being they are really a limited run production in design no locating pins or wing slots so one has to improvise slightly.The wheel wells/LG was the first area I built had the most pieces of the whole plane and second to the copit for resin small pieces all went well.This build only allows the F1 version with the small tail out back and tailplanes unlike the carrier based version.The pic just shows my way of aligning the wings with stock .040" round styrene,The next pic probably Sunday will be her finished.

Builds2 001.JPG

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  • KevinM changed the title to DeHavilland Hornet 1/48 Classic Airframes-Finnished

This build was going good till I got to the vac canopy only used one but a bit of a PIA to get there and I think I was to go further?The next stage being paint went well enough grey primer flat silver for "Silver Dope".The decal went down better than anticipated with very little silvering most being the bottom decals.The the big reveal time to take off the canopy mask and less then spectacular moment frosting "Hoowww?" it was super clear before the paint.I think I was to bevel the inside for a snugger fit  is the best I can conjure up.Thank God the WhirlWind has a regular canopy.:rolleyes:

Builds2 001.JPG

Builds2 002.JPG

Builds2 003.JPG

Builds2 004.JPG

Builds2 005.JPG

Builds2 006.JPG

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