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  1. Yes, that sounds exactly like I had. Glad you tested negative, by the way.
  2. I'm not sure what I had, but shortly after Thanksgiving, I experienced chills, claminess, sweats, and abdominal discomfort. I had no fever, in fact my temperature was lower than average , about 97 f. I never got myself tested as it only lasted to 2-3 days. Not sure if It was covid, but I sure was miserable.
  3. Sounds like a interesting variant. I never heard of the comic, but it sounds Like you've done your research. I will be following.
  4. Yet another howitzer. This time from Polish maker IBG Models in 1/35 scale. A Skoda 100 mm. VZ 14/19 as used by the Polish army post WW 1. It looks like a decent kit, and it includes a turned aluminum barrel. This kit will build up Into a tiny model ! A good weekend project, simple, but well-detailed.
  5. Well, almost done with the Classy Hobby figure. Here's what I've done so far.
  6. Another big gun......A Skoda 30.5 cm howitzer from Takom.
  7. A great review and a very interesting subject. The kit looks wonderful! Thanks; Paul.
  8. Thanks for your fine review. I have seen this kit on the websites I buy from and I was curious about what came in the box. The kit looks very detailed and well-molded. It would be fun to see a build of this kit by a skilled figure painter. Although I'm not the greatest figure builder I might give this one a try!
  9. Working on a Classy Hobby 1/16 German tank figure. I've finished the body , got the head, hat,and boots to do yet. I chose to do the later field gray uniform suitable for the date of my stug.
  10. Your work looks great so far. I'm enjoying your build. Yes, I also have one of the Infini templates and I agree, wonderful product. I have something coming in the mail from kitlinx. Recently, I found some of the Takom workable track links for the British early MK IV tanks on their website......rare as hens teeth...I bought two sets right away! Honestly, my only problems I've had with them is with shipping.
  11. I agree, but I'd like to see these kits in a larger scale.
  12. I've just checked under my bed. No big trilobite things.............none! Thank God ! ...The lizards ate them!
  13. Another WW 1 subject. This time a Cannon. A French Schneider 155mm. in 1/35 scale from Das Werk. The kit box is filled with a multitude of microscopic and delicate-looking parts and appears to be very well-molded. There's also some tiny photo-etch parts included.
  14. Nice work John! It's hard to keep up with your builds you finish them so quickly! keep up the good work and I'll be watching! Paul.
  15. Yes, I always like a Wildcat build and yours is excellent.
  16. This reminds me of a video I recently watched on YouTube about Zimmerit. They described in detail about how it was applied, its purpose,who manufactured it,its chemical make up, and the drying process after applying it. Very informative. If I could find the video again, I'll post it.
  17. I Stand corrected: I see this model in stock on Hobbylinc and Kitlinx!
  18. Great review of a very interesting aircraft! It looks like it might be a challenge to build!
  19. Great work so far. I'm not big on heavy weathering on my models, mostly because I lack the skill, honestly speaking. I've seen models with mud slathered on them and truthfully, I hate that. Hopefully, I'll eventually become skilled enough to add a slightly weathered appearance on my models but for now, I'll build models as I like them for my own enjoyment. I like what you've done so far and I hope you enjoy your build. I've been trying to purchase the subject of your build for some time but this model seems to be universally sold out! Regards; Paul.
  20. Looking forward to building this one but I have a big 1/16 t72 to finish and a big Stug will be next. I see that Aber has a set for this model (Aber 35 L-164) but I don't see it available on the sites I usually purchase from. Perhaps Ebay or direct from Aber are options.
  21. Very nice! I especially like the linen weave effect.
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