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  1. Cool! I've had a couple of the Chinese mini lathes over the years and I used them to make parts and fittings for my live steam hobby. My most recent lathe has sat unused at my mother's house for a few years.... I haven't had a chance to do the work needed To tune the lathe to get it to work its best. Usually I work on the compound and cross slide to get them working smoothly. Never got the chance to do that. Maybe I'll do that This week. I'm dying to get back to that kind of work. The last work I did was to make a replacement chimney for an Empire b 30 steam engine I have. On the Empire engines, the chimney unscrews to fill the boiler and it also houses the safety valve.
  2. Filler or putty?.....I've had my share....it ain't bad, but Velveta, haven't eaten it in years! Not since childhood in fact.
  3. Will that be the Wing nut kit? That'll be a cool build!
  4. When I was working as a stand-up comedian.... I used to put a slice inside of each of My shoes....... So that when I was onstage, I'd "feel funny". Oh, but that was A lifetime ago as they say.
  5. Nice! I have a liking for the Little Polikarpov.....the same I have for all stubby aircraft. Wildcats, Gee-Bee racers, Brewster Buffalos and etc. Yours turned out great! Geez, in 1/72 those machine gun barrels must be nearly microscopic! I have some barrels for the M 1919 Browning in 1/35 and they seem ridiculously tiny! Very cool build! Thanks; Paul.
  6. A lemon, or banana, or my AMX-13. Very nice, and pre-painted! Cool
  7. Well, part of my recent order from Tower Hobbies came today. Some aftermarket for A kit I ordered from them. Usually, their shipments come the next day....but not this Time. The kit is Tamiya's recent Hummel, and it's being sent from their Ontario, California warehouse..... Not a good omen because we're talking FedEx here! Last time it took 2 weeks. Anyway, the aftermarket came! It's Tamiya's own replacement barrel for their Hummel, ( bumble bee in German). Their #12688 1/35 Scale German Hummel Metal Gun Barrel. It looks good, made of aluminum, with rifling it will make building the kit easier. A download of the instructions for the Kit shows a two-piece plastic barrel and eliminating the task of sanding and filling the two seams will add minutes to my existence !
  8. Great work! I like the figure. Nice! All that rigging , if I had to do it,. would have me screaming, with the neighbors concerned and a visit from the police. A credit to your patience and skills. Impressive work to say the least!
  9. This came from Amazon today: From Vision Aid its their Magnifier with LED light, Headband and 5 lenses and my Initial impressions are good. It's lightweight, comfortable, very adjustable and seems to work very well. Lens position and light position can be independently adjusted and the light has two levels for brightness. I like the fact that you can set it up so that the wearer can easily look over the lens for normal vision without needing to take the thing Off like I had to do with my other glasses. The thing is lightweight, so I'll have to see how well they'll hold up to use, but honestly, I doubt I'll have any problems with that. I tried Them out, looking over a Tamiya Sprue at 3.5x power and they worked great! The optics seemed very clear without the fish-eye lens distortion I had with my old glasses. The manual description states that they are a " A game-changer for close-up work". Hyperbole perhaps, but I think the might be right! Available at Amazon for $ 29.00 U.S.
  10. Can an administrator look into this problem and clear or reset my signature or settings Page to fix this problem please.
  11. Yes, and I have the Tamiya panel liners I've used them before. I wasn't sure about which one to use, I'm used to doing darker colors. I just ordered some stuff to weather from Sprue brothers....some dust effects from mig/ammo. I also went through my modeling supplies and pulled out some pigments for rust...I usually rust up my exhaust at least. My next build will be a Baptista era Cuban marked M3 Stuart. This will only have dust effects as most were lightly used before the revolution and some of the.. fighting was in urban settings. Again, I appreciate the feedback. Thanks Paul
  12. I have to agree with both your comments regarding weathering. I do like clean builds,but I think it's time I start to advance my modeling skills and give weathering a try....but only lightly. I don't like heavily mud spattered builds. I have a product for weathering labeled "Light dust" that I'm going to give a try. I must note that the paint appears much more yellow in my pictures than it really is....I don't know why this is. It really is more sandy in Color.. Thank you for your comments they are much appreciated. Paul
  13. Gotta love the Skyraider......and I do. These planes, two of them, are regulars at The Waukegan air show every year. They always perform a mock bombing run including pyrotechnics. I get to see these Sky Raiders as they circle low over my Mother's neighborhood during the show. My Mom's house is near the airport and I watch the show, what I can see of it, from her home. This year I'll probably attend the show. Anyway, as a Skyraider fan, I'll be following this build and anticipating another stellar completed model.
  14. From Nikki, the Takom parts girl, came my replacement Sprues for kit #1008 all the way from China! The whole process taking about two months and $9.00 U.S. (Shipping). What a pleasant suprise! No tracking available for 16 days of the shipping time. I had just about given up when, on Sunday, I was informed that it was in Queens, New York. I was expecting it to enter the U.S. on the west coast.......strange. Anyway I can complete that kit now.........when I get to it. The piece, A small hinge part, was not On the Sprue when I looked for it. Very frustrating! UPDATE: The piece was missing when I was making the model . the Sprues I got today in the mail HAVE the missing pieces. I didn't make this clear. Everything is now ok.
  15. Thanks, pulled an all-nighter on Monday.
  16. Finished this today. It's Tamiya's 1/35 AMX-13 done using Star Decals 35-C 1009 Lebanese Tanks & AFVs sheet. The markings are said to be from "Arab Army of Lebanon, 1976 Rebellion". The paint color is supposed to be light stone from a mix for Tamiya Acrylic paints found on an internet site; flat white x7, desert yellow x2, flat yellow x2. Not sure if its right. I think I'm going to re-do the tracks.....after spraying the flat cote they turned out too black. Anyway, it was a fun project. The decals went on well and I think they're interesting. I like the weirdness of this little tank and it's a nice kit. Update: repainted tracks added photos On 21 January 1976 at the Elias Abou Sleiman Barracks in Ablah, Zahlé District, in the Beqaa Valley, 900 Lebanese Muslim soldiers serving with the 1st Armoured Brigade (a.k.a. the 'First Brigade') refused to fight against their coreligionists of the Lebanese National Movement (LNM) and mutinied under the leadership of Lieutenant Ahmed Al-Khatib, a Tank officer who originally commanded a 40 men-strong armored company in Rashaya, and urged his fellow Muslims to desert.[1][2][3] The mutiny quickly spread to other Army barracks and garrisons on the southern part of the Beqaa and the Jabal Amel – including the strategic Beaufort Castle, Rashaya, Aramayn, Marjayoun, Khiam, Nabatieh and Sidon[4][5][6] – and within a month, Lt. Khatib had rallied to his cause some 2,000-3,000 soldiers from the First Brigade,[7][8] well-equipped with heavy weapons (including tanks
  17. That must have been the one. I wasn't completely sure of the scale, but I'm sure it was a Testor's kit.
  18. No problem, I got to post more builds!😀
  19. I posted a few finished model posts, including a recent panzer 38,
  20. Great job on on the Lysander! I remember building one ...I think was in 1/32, years back. Maybe the one by matchbox........ I think it was a Testor's Re-box but not sure. Always Liked its weird looks.
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