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  1. Always liked this little Bristol fighter. I'm curious about the Special Hobby kit. I'll be sure to watch your build.
  2. A very detailed and complex conversion process. Impressive!
  3. Thanks guys. Here are some pics of the tank with tracks on. I didn't quite get these right. I'll try something a little different on my next build. Real ft pictures don't seem to be as rusty! I'll think ill try a dark iron Paint on the surface of the tracks next time. I used tamiya hull red on the inside of the tracks and spaces between the links after which I oversprayed with Vallejo rust. I then dry brushed with tamiya metallic gray the edges of the cleats but this doesn't show well in the pics. The markings are for a Brazilian tank of the 1930s.
  4. That's cool! You really captured the action of the scene. Well done!
  5. Thanks, and thanks for the tip. After these photos, I thinned out my clear flat with tamiya lacquer thinner and applied a wetter coat of clear to some of the problem areas and it worked like a treat! In the future I will try less air pressure, and apply a little wetter. Also I think I'll use my Paasche H airbrush. I used my H for the clear gloss and it worked out ok. Anyway, like I said before this is a first attempt at a model in about 20+ years and it is my re-learning modeling experience
  6. Here's some photos of my Renault ft nearing completion. I used tamiya clear flat lacquer decanted From the can and I had some issues with frosting. Most of the offending frost was removed by gentle Polishing with a damp cloth. I still need to do the tracks and final details to finish the beast. This is first model I will complete in many many years. I used to use testers flat from the spray can with much better results. I'll have to find a solution to the clear flat issue. Anyway, I think it still looks ok.
  7. Never mind. I'll just paint the whole thing.
  8. I'm working on a 1/16 scale tank model and I'm getting ready for the gloss coat prior to decaling. Since the model is large and the area covered by the decals is small, can I confine the area of gloss coat To the areas covered by the decals or should I cover the entire model with gloss? I plan to cover the entire model with clear Flat afterwards. I'll be using tamiya acrylics. to
  9. Thanks for the link. Interesting article and wonderful patina effects.
  10. Rob, your Nautilus and Squid looks fantastic. I'm just looking for a more realistic weathered looking brass or copper finish than the too bright looking brass and copper paints I've been using. I'm planning another Takom Renault ft build and I want the engine to be a little more realistic this Time.
  11. Wow! You certainly are a very talented builder.
  12. Thanks, I'm looking for a metallic paint that looks like tarnished brass that I can brush. I was thinking I might try mixing acrylic paints like tamiya, or perhaps enamel paint to achieve this effect. Any Ideas ?
  13. Thanks. I'll have a look at the Vallejo paints.
  14. Can the extreme metal range of paints from AK interactive be applied with a paint brush or is airbrush only? I want to do some detail work and I haven't used these paints before.They are described as "Airbrush ready" and I'm wondering if they might be too thin for brush work.
  15. Useful and informative tutorial. Thanks for posting.
  16. Looks like a useful product. I'll check it out.
  17. Some pics of my Renault ft build. I've finished the interior and engine bay and closed up the hull.
  18. Thanks Harv, not much to see on mine except a lot of tan plastic, but I'll post some pics when I finish. I was thinking a similar process regarding the tracks. Tamiya dark iron on the bottom and metallic gray on The track surface followed by a light rust over coat on both surfaces. Then dry brushing with silver the high points on the outside surface. I used to get a good effect using graphite powder to high light but it's be such a long time since I've tried this. Anyway, I found this such a fun build so far that it may be an entry to a return To the modeling hobby. The only pr
  19. Well done. I'm working on one of these big Renaults at the moment. I'm waiting on some decals (fcmodeltrend) To come to decide on how to finish it. I probably do a simple paint scheme at first, and then try a camouflage Scheme on my second Renault ft (mg version). I'm not sure how to finish the tracks. I heard somewhere that The tanks left the factory with the tracks painted gray, but I'm not sure of this. I was intrigued by hearing that silly putty can be used for masking. I watched a couple of videos on this technique and I may give it a try. Like to hear any thoughts abo
  20. Has anyone here used tamiya semi-gloss clear as a final coat for a model? I'm building the Takom Renault ft and in a lot of the reference photos of restored tanks the finish Looks to be semi-gloss. Anyway, any advice regarding tamiya semi-gloss clear would be appreciated. Thanks; PAUL
  21. That's very generous of you! Yes, I'm interested. I sent you a message.
  22. Thanks. Actually, the kit is still in post right now and I'm only in the planning stages. But I'll look into it. If so, how much for your barrel?
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