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  1. At my age and girth my second favourite f-word can only be "food".
  2. Forgot to mention that there was a L 29 at last weekend's Waukegan air show along with a couple of L 39s and many more planes including other early jets and ww2 aircraft. While I didn't go to the airs show, I did see the planes fly very low over my mother's house which is near the airport.
  3. I just bought two Paasche 1/2 ounce bottles for their VL airbrush. I don't own a VL brush, instead, I use them on my Iwata Eclipse HP-BCS airbrushes. I never had the 1/2 ounce bottles before. I've always used the 1 ounce. They fit perfectly on the Iwata and I prefer them to the Iwata bottles.
  4. Thanks for your reply. That's pretty good work for an old Paasche!
  5. I think it's great that you were able to re-do this model, and the photos show you did it with great skill. I'll be returning to modeling soon and I hope to be doing a camouflage Pattern on one of the models I'll be doing. What was the nozzle size on the airbrush You used? I have an Iwata airbrush with a .3mm nozzle size will this work ok for Camouflage or do I need something smaller? I'm thinking of purchasing another Iwata brush with a .2mm nozzle. The price on the Iwata brush I'm considering, I think, is pretty reasonable , but if what I have is ok I could save the money. Thanks; I would Appreciate your input. Paul.
  6. I had a nice M1 carbine. It was in mint condition. The only problem was that the stock was stamped "Evanston Police Dept" from which it was surplused. It was made by the Inland division of general motors. It was made in 1944 but Had the postwar changes of the bayonet band and better rear sight as seen in Korean war examples. Eventually, I found a replacement NOS stock for it. It was a fun Little gun to shoot. I hope you can find one. I also had a Luger, mine was made in 1916.
  7. Sadly, I had to sell them all back in the early 2000's .
  8. Thanks, I used to have a large collection of antique guns myself so I'd be very interested. I had about 70 guns; mostly military, mid 19th century to modern day.
  9. I'm sorry posted by mistake ignore the emoji. What I was trying to say was that I would Like to see John's collection if he would share it with us.
  10. 🤣( posted by mistake ) I couldn't figure out how delete .
  11. I'm hopeful that this was all just a bit of fun, as otherwise it would just be too silly. Come on, we're all pretty much all Good- natured folk on this forum.
  12. Looks great! I'm A big Buffalo fan as many here may know. I like the markings on your Buffalo. I never noticed how large the wing roundels were on this scheme..... They're huge! Anyway, I'll be watching this build to the end. Thanks for posting this build. I'm still waiting on my fantasy kit..........the 1/18 scale kit by Hobby Boss. A Brewster of majestic proportions. One can dream can't one?
  13. Wow that's a big fish! Is it a tuna of some kind? The food looks great. I'm a big sushi eater, in fact, I had some on Sunday. Thanks for posting.
  14. Sorry to hear it Harv. Take care , and I hope you have a speedy recovery.
  15. Keep up the good work! Enjoying this build. Thanks; Paul
  16. Yes! I saw that Roden bus I couldn't believe it. It could be an interesting build.
  17. Buying the cheap Chinese airbrushes doesn't make sense to me. Why would you pay $150.00 for a model but pay so little on an Airbrush? If you want a quality tool as important for our hobby as an airbrush is you should be willing to pay a bit more than $39.00 for some knock off. The Iwata Eclipse series are great, versatile airbrushes that are not all that more expensive yet work very well plus they have Iwata's great reputation behind them. Well, that's my opinion, anyway. I recently got a very nice Iwata HP-C plus at a sale price that was ony slightly higher than was paid for my Eclipse. It's a beauty.
  18. Thanks yet again, Harv. I'll check it out.
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