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1/48 Eduard Pfalz DIIIa 1918

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Room for a small one ? Nice little kit , bit of a trainer for me to explore rigging betters ,esp as Bobs Buckles has closed 😳

This is home made eyelets and brass tube , the Inifini 0.135mm thread passed through the tubing . The other option at 1/48 was to dispense with the eyelets altogether and just have the buckle bit . hmmm


And completely over weathered it .....got carried away . 🫡
























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Very nice and colorful little birdie, PW. I don´t think it´s overweathered, in fact, all colors and patterns blend in nicely. I haven´t heard, that Bob no more produces buckles, but have some quantities left. In fact, they are relatively easy to reproduce, like you did. The Tatzelwurm marking makes it special.
Some years ago a WNW Pfalz D.III was my first ever WW1 byplane build and I enjoyed it a lot and liked the sleek appearance.

Cheers Rob

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Looks terrific to me!  I didn't know Bob's Buckles has closed.  That's too bad.  You did a marvelous job on the rigging and the weathering looks appropriate given the period pictures.  Have never seen that particular aircraft, either.  Nice work and thanks for sharing.


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4 hours ago, KevinM said:

Guy came out Nice I am doing the Eduard Fokker DVII ATTM looks like the same engine for the most part being used?:unworthy:

Cheers - I think it's all Mercedes DIII engines ....just got the Eduard 1/48 Albatros , all looks very much same engine . 

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