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Revell Destroyer Escort rehab finished

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I built this model many years ago way before there was any "after market" stuff. It has been in my attic for quite a while and I decided I'd see about cleaning it up and doing some work on it. I did away with the original guns and replaced the 40mm and 3"50's with one's from Shapeways. I haven't gotten any replacement 20 mm's yet so I cleaned up the kit guns and added PE gun shields. I also added PE railings and radar antenna using some Tom's Model Works PE for this kit. Repainted the whole model with White Ensign naval colors (USN 5-N Haze Gray plus some appropriate blue/gray for the decks). I marked it as the "USS Haynes" as used in the movie "The Enemy Below" using numbers (181) from my decal stash. The model isn't a exact match to that ship but close enough I think. The REAL ship in the movie was the USS Whitehurst. I hope you guys like the results of my efforts! See the "before" photos to get some idea as to what the starting point looked like. I'm happy with the way it turned out and may do more ships in the future.

Remember....Click on the 1st photo for best resolution and to view as a slide show. :)

2-7-24 B 002.jpg

2-7-24 B 003.jpg

2-19-24 001.jpg

2-19-24 002.jpg

2-19-24 003.jpg

2-19-24 004.jpg

2-19-24 005.jpg

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43 minutes ago, Peterpools said:


Awesome rescue from the attic and the USS Haynes looks terrific. The AM coupled with your painting skills and she is ready for display .. beautifully done. 🏆

Thank you Peter!

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36 minutes ago, Landlubber Mike said:

Nice job!  With all the dust in the first pictures, you probably could have turned it into a submerged wreck!

Thanks Mike. LOL For sure! It was a mess.

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