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Starting another diorama. This one will be a German column (about five vehicles) moving on to their objective down a mountainous roadway. There will be a ruined cottage along the side of the asphalt roadway. I just poured the retaining wall. IMG_3816.thumb.jpeg.39eb8cdab87021d8e9ced48b5eb8692d.jpeg


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The wall will continue to the end.  I will be placing trees devoid of leaves along the roadway. The ruined cottage will face the roadway. IMG_3831.thumb.jpeg.61f46a5c41ed64a52772db43980d787a.jpeg



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4 hours ago, Landlubber Mike said:

Wow, that's insanely good!  How big will the diorama be?

About 2 feet in diameter 

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I didn’t like how the project was going so I threw it out and started over. I added utility poles. I might add a stone wall at the top. I still need to add one more tree. I made the road larger to accommodate more vehicles. Here is the new version. I will pour the retaining wall today. I will be adding static grass. I have very tried several static grass applicators in the past and have been disappointed with each one. I found one called the Grasskeeper from Germany. Very expensive but it is supposedly the best one on the market. I am trying to learn this layering technique using different lengths of static grass. I normally use Martin Welberg scenery but it is too expensive to do a large area. 





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