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Regarding HK B-25


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Hi all! I am looking for a source for the noseweights for the HK B-25 here in the U.S, and I was also wondering if there was a resin barrel for the 50 cals out there I could use instead of the brass ones. I know there is no resin barrel set made for the specific kit but I know there are resin barrels out there. Thanks for your help! John

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If you look in the review section, you'll see Nigel has recently posted a review of the Eduard Brassin .50 guns for HK's B-17G. Fantastic set, and as they're designed to be placement specific, (turret, waist, tail, etc...), they should work on the B-25 as well.


You also might want to try contacting him, as he did an aftermarket review of parts for the B-25 on a different forum. I'm sure he'd be willing to impart some of his knowledge.


Hope this helps, and good luck!

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Is there a reason that you want the weight its self? Why don't you use some fishing weights? I used them in my B-25 and had no issues...

I could as I have lots of them, it just seems like space would better utilized with the cast weight.

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