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HK Meteor F.4

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Had to start this badboy, I was going to wait for the Fisher F.8 conversion but this kit was calling me and I fancied some straight forward modelling.


First thing I did was ditch the kit seat and replace it with the seat I had spare from the Tamiya Spitfire IX as I used a barracuda seat, I added the height adjustment lever using Albion alloys tubing which I also used to make some control rods for the rudder pedals.





HK provide a nice shaped nose weight to stop any tail sitting but the Meatbox nose bay didn't have a roof as the whole nose was removable I believe. So I relocated it to behind the cockpit and added plenty more weight for good measure!!




This allowed me to add some triangulation using alloy rod that the kit was missing and I also used evergreen sprue and spares to add some interest to the area. This feels a lot stronger now.




On the bulkhead I cut out seatbelt guide so I could thread them through as per the real aircraft. And then drilled it out and used more rod.




The sidewall detail is really good and they've managed to mould all the detail in situ, comparing it to walk round pics they've got all the major features. The throttle however is a strange moulded blob so I removed it and scratch built a replacement from Albion tubing and spare etched parts.






Albion came to the rescue for the gun barrels as well.




Belly tank is a perfect fit






They seem to of only moulded the ejector slots on one side. Not sure if this is correct for the F.4 but the F.8 had then on both sides and I believe the meteor had the same armament throughout its career. I need to confirm this but I'll probably have to get busy with a drill and needle file.


The other thing i picked up on is that a lot of F.4's had a different style nose wheel very similar to the spitfires, HK provide a smooth one which seems to be correct for some but not for the 600Sqn kit option im doing (see photo below). I'll try and get this spare part from the Tamiya spitfire to fit.






Going to primer all these bits tonight and then shoot some black on them tomorrow hopefully.

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Nice, but tricky to cut the kit part out?


I've just started removing the kit parts, the cut isn't on a panel line so you have to measure twice and cut once as they say, although once I'd cut the top intake off it became clear that the rib on the inside is exactly where the cut line is! So maybe they had something planned? I'm having a break now !


Just scratch built some detail for behind the pilot, didn't have a lot to go on just one of those excellent old cut away drawings and some production pictures. The little cylinder is part of the demisting system.





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I noticed in the pic of the real aircraft you posted that the intake rims have chipped edges.

Great reference. The rims were made from laminated mahogany, yes wood.

I will chip mine too.


Yes that had me confused why the chips were darker than the silver. That will be a nice touch thanks.

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Cockpit is complete now, the seatbelts are Radu's Manilla paper Sutton harness made to look like a later Q harness using spare buckles from an MDC set. Don't know if you can tell but the throttle is painted to represent Bakerlite if anything just to add some colour to the "Coal hole" I've used the excellent Airscale decals for the dials and placards and the dials are spot on to an actual Meteor instrument panel. I just need to add an Oxygen hose from guitar wire and then spray the undercarriage bay silver and I can get the Fuse together and mated to the wings.









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Another quick update..


The engine faces can't sit in their original place as the fisher intakes interfere with the fit, I've attached them directly to the back of the fisher intakes, as you can see looking into the intakes with a bit of plumbing the blanks are perfectly adequate, I also painted the inside of the Intakes silver before i attach them and I'll put some foam down there to prevent overspray.






Can anyone recommend a good silver to represent RAF Highspeed silver? I used Alclad white aluminium for the intakes and was planning to use it for the airframe but I think it's still too dark. I work in enamels so my options are limited.

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Yours looks spot on and has the smooth non metallic look I'm after, just not a fan of acrylics. There's not a lot of light getting onto it in the intakes so it might look better on the outside, plus I'm using grey primer as it shouldn't really look metallic as such.


I might buy a pot of the Revell paint tho, do you. Just thin it with water?

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