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Meteor aftermarket under development?


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Does anyone know if the AM industry is working on goodies for the HK Models Meteor?

So far Fisher has brought out resin intakes.


Eduard exhausted themselves on the B 25 's. Would be nice to see cockpit sets for the Meteor

Too. What do you think?


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Paul Fisher is doing some mods currently ...


http://www.fishermodels.com/index.html ...


http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=48212&page=1 ...


I believe, at present, we have scheduled ... Corrected engine nacelles for the F-4 ... a conversion set for F-8 ... and I believe a WWII F-3 conversion set is also on the way ...


As for cockpit resin, brass, masking etc etc I have no idea ... but if is usual work is anything to go by - what he does make is AWESOME ... I bought a couple of resin canopies from him and a set of brass undercarriage (Sea Fury parts) for my MDC Typhoon and PCM Tempest.


Rog :)

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