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1:32 Turnbuckles

James H

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1:32 Turnbuckles

GasPatch Models
Catalogue # See article for price and code
Available from GasPatch Models




Gaspatch Models have most certainly transformed the life of the WW1 modeller, most certainly for the better. Rigging can be the real bug-bear when it comes to finishing a biplane project. Yes, some modellers find it quite therapeutic, but for others, having to seize and bind the various cables which stretch between undercarriage struts, and wing struts, can be tedious. Of course, you can always just lash the EZ-Line, or whatever you use, straight to the rigging hole, but if you want that extra realism, without all the extra work, then these sets could well be for you.




A few months ago, we looked at the first turnbuckle releases from GasPatch Models, and today, we can bring you a further FOUR sets. These are:

13-32011, Metal Turnbuckles Albatros Type, €14.50
13-32014, Metal Turnbuckles One End, €14.50
13-32016, Metal Anchor Points, €14.50
13-32018, RAF Metal Turnbuckles Late Type, €14.50

All turnbuckle sets come in an easy-to-open clear blister pack, with a small piece of foam stopping the contents from rattling about inside. The packaging insert doubles as a small instruction sheet when opened out.








Each turnbuckle set is produced from a process called sintering. This is the fusion of metal powders in order to create specific shapes. This can leave the surface of the item with a slightly rough appearance, but this is only noticeable when you look at the items under something such as the macro lens of a camera. That is unavoidable. To the naked eye, and most certainly on your model, you have nothing to worry about.








These packets contain a small block onto which the turnbuckles are connected. You simply need to use a pair of tweezers to bend the base of the buckle back and forth in order to remove them from this block. Do this as you need them so as not to lose any. Depending on which set you buy, there are either 30 or 60 turnbuckles included. The detail on them is also very good, despite their size and production method. I've used these turnbuckles on my own projects, and I found that you occasionally had to open up the buckle hole with a micro drill bit in order to easily slide EZ-Line through them.








The small instruction sheet shows the method in which these are to be fastened to your model. Of course, for the RAF type, it's pretty obvious what nationality of aircraft that this particular style is to be used on. The One End and Anchor Points sets look fairly universal to most nationalities, but the Albatros Type are to be used on either Albatros fighter aircraft, or even on other German aircraft which were licence-built by the Albatros company. These have a small ball joint at the foot of the buckle, and you will need to check your references to ensure that this type was indeed used.








The parts themselves have a small amount of flexibility, but ensure they are pretty much pointing in the right direction before you fix them, or add them to the rigging line first, and then plug them into your model at the correct angle.


These really are a must-have item for rigging, and having seen many models where these have been used, I have to say they look absolutely superb. Cost-wise, they probably work on par with separate buckle and seizing tube products available, but of course, these look more accurate and will be a little easier to install.


Very highly recommended


James H


Our sincere thanks to GasPatch Models for the review samples seen here. To purchase directly, click THIS link.



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