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1:32 Junkers Ju 88 main gear bay

James H

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1:32 Junkers Ju 88 main gear bay
Catalogue # 32158
Available from Profimodeller for 499,00 CZK





We recently reviewed the new Ju 88 bomb bay detail set which allowed the modeller to create a highly detailed weapons bay within the belly of their kit, and today we take a look at our second upgrade set the 1:32 Revell Junkers Ju 88A model kit. This set can be safely used with both the A-1 and newer A-4 releases. The main gear bays (we reviewed the tail gear bay HERE) are quite cavernous on such a large model, and this is one area where Revell have really omitted to detail to the standard they achieved on the rest of the kit.


Again, this set comes in quite a large and sturdy, top-opening box, but the reason for this is primarily due to the size of the photo etch sheet, which makes up the majority of components in this release. This photo etch sheet is packed into a zip-lock wallet with a card stiffener, and on the other side of the card is a smaller, secondary photo etch sheet. A small wallet of creamy pale yellow resin parts is also included, as well as an eight page A5 instruction booklet.


What this set doesn't deal with is the undercarriage legs themselves. The kit parts are actually very good, and if you can get the much sought-after G-Factor legs, then even better. This detail in this set starts with the bracket onto which each gear leg sits. Revell have got the shape of this more or less correct, but it is totally devoid of detail. With the aid of this set, these brackets are sheathed in riveted metal plate detail as well as a number of extra parts added which add a forward bulkhead ahead of this bracket. Resin parts are included for gas cylinders which sit within the oleo brackets.




Look into the gear bays of this model and you see a vast expanse of the wing underside area which is simply blank. Large PE parts included here are used to sheath this area, detailing it with stiffening plates and access ports. This is also added to with a little extra PE detail in order to make it less 2D in appearance.


Nacelle interiors are to be fitted with structural elements which will require a little light surgery to the plastic parts, with the main gear nacelle area also have a structural frame to fit within and some small formers.




The largest surgery to be carried out for this release, concerns this rear section of the gear nacelle. Revell have moulded these with the main undercarriage doors in a closed position, which isn't incorrect in itself, but what if you want to pose these in an open manner? This set allows this as it contains laminated panels which assemble to recreate the main gear doors. You will need to remove the plastic for the moulded version, and use this as a guide to bending the flat PE ones into this rather complex shape. I suggest you anneal these parts and form them individually before of course laminating them using CA gel or perhaps even white glue (providing you got the fit extremely good).




These doors are using PE hinges and you will need some lengths of styrene rod for this, and other aspects of this upgrade/detail set. Something Revell missed with regard to the undercarriage doors, of course, was the actuator piston, which is provided here as a resin part. For the forward gear doors, you need to remove the moulded hinge and replace with a PE one which also incorporates the stiffening strip running along the door edge.


Photo etch quality is excellent throughout with some wonderful relief detail, parts are held to the fret with thin, narrow tags. The parts also clearly numbered, with arrows to further help you identify the parts.

Two small blocks of resin parts are supplied, and these are nicely detailed, with flaw-free casting.




The instructions for this set need some careful study before assembly, especially with regard to the main gear doors. Illustration is by means of line drawings, spread over 28 constructional stages. Paint colours are given, but not with specific manufacturer codes, but for a release such as this, you can pretty much use the colours described on the main kit release.






This is another excellent detail set from Profimodeller, but again, not one to be used if you aren't used to a little hack and slash with kit parts. Some skill will be needed to shape those tricky main gear doors. I do suggest that if you can remove the main gear doors with a razor saw, and have them intact, that you perhaps use these and simply fit the internal PE detail skin to them. Another option is perhaps to still leave these rear doors closed, and just benefit from the detail in the forward gear area. There is a lot to be gained from adding this release to your project, even if your super-detail interest is only fleeting, as the cavernous bays really do call for a little something extra to be added.


Highly recommended


Our sincere thanks to Profimodeller for this review sample. To purchase directly, click THIS link.


James H




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