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Retrokit 1/32 Pilot figures


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Hi guys,


When visiting the show in Heiden last weekend I stumbled on Retrokit. I've seen this company on numerous shows and always sneaked a peek at their funny egg planes and minion figures. This weekend I spotted two 1/32 pilot figures. One wearing the special protective flight suit for the Me163. And one ww1 Belgian aviator. When chatting to the owner I learned a seated Me163 figure is soon to follow.


Take a look:






And the Belgian aviator:






A brand to look out for when searching that special figure for your base or diorama...


Get these directly here.




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Guest Kagemusha

Thanks for posting the info Jeroen, shall have to get the Komet pilot though will probably wait for the seated version to be released, the sidcot suited pilot would be suitable for not just Belgian ones.

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Never heard of them either, but was looking for a Komet pilot just a few weeks ago and came up with nothing- so thanks for posting this link. Bought one myself, and it arrived just two days later, so good service from them too.

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