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1:32 Jasta 5 Albatros D.V Lt. Wolf (2nd Edition)

James H

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1:32 Jasta 5 Albatros D.V Lt. Wolf (2nd Edition)
Pheon Decals
Catalogue # 32016
Available from Pheon Decals 
Use website contact detail for further info

As the included manual will tell you, there isn't very much known about Lt. Wolf. Even his Christian name is lost to history. He seems to have popped briefly in the history of Jasta 5, with his 2 victories recorded, then he disappears as mysteriously as he appeared, leaving only the legacy of his highly decorated aircraft as a testimony to his life. The aircraft scheme is also subject to a little supposition too, as we have the aircraft shown only in a Jasta line-up, and some verbal testimony to certain aspects of its appearance. Not a great lot to go on, but a scheme which really couldn't be ignored nonetheless.




Yes, you read that title correctly. SECOND edition. The original, and much sought after release of this rather beautiful, and to me, the most beautiful Albatros scheme, is now finally available again. This set as I infer, concentrates on a single Albatros flown by Lt. Wolf. If recreating the wooden fuselage of the Albatros is a little daunting to you, then this set could be just what you're after. The fuselage on this aircraft is entirely resplendent in beautiful Bavarian blue and white diamonds, with a dark green tail and a doped silver/grey centre fuselage panel. More on that soon.


This decal set is packaged into a large A4 ziplock wallet, as with all Pheon releases, and unlike regular multi-aircraft sets, this doesn't contain a cover sheet as it's not really required. Inside we have two glossy A4 laser printed sheets, and instruction manual, and an A5-size decal sheet.


Looking at the first colour sheet, you gain a real sense of just how beautiful this aircraft was. Another way of describing it would be 'striking'. As well as the aforementioned blue and white diamonds and silver-grey panel, a golden yellow band wrapped around the fuselage at this juncture, both fore and aft of this panel. The dark, emerald green tail was trimmed with red, and this trim also existed as the border between the rear diamond pattern and the tail itself.




Forward engine cowls, wheel hubs and struts were also painted in silver-grey, whilst the spinner was painted red, providing a beautiful contrast to the scheme, and a little affinity to the tail trim colour. Lower wings were light blue with 'W' on each lower wing panel, inboard of the cross marking, and the upper wings were in a mauve and green camouflage pattern. No lozenge to be seen on this machine.


Pheon have gone to great pains when it comes to breaking down this diamond scheme so that a mere mortal can apply it in decal form. I can almost imagine Rowan spitting feathers with his first attempts as he was perfecting the panel shapes. Thankfully his pain has paid off and we can already see a number of beautifully finished Wolf Albatros aircraft on the internet. Pop to the Wingnut Wings site and take a look on there too. At this point, I do need to tell you that this set is designed ONLY for the WNW kit, due to the complex panel shapes.


The second laser-printed sheet shows the scheme in a broken down format, and explains exactly how the various panels must be placed. These diamond panels are not placed edge to edge either. You line them up with the starting datum points, and then a central panel is placed equidistantly between them. The gaps between are filled with single strips of diamond. These diamond panels are blue printed on clear, meaning you need a gloss white background onto which you assemble the pattern. This sheet clearly shows the sequence you MUST under undertake in order to successfully fit the various panels.




The diamond section just in front of the tail section is supplied as one part per side, and there is a cut out position into which you will apply the fuselage crosses. These panels of course will line up on the centre-lines of the fuselage.


By some accounts, the wolf emblem on the starboard side of the fuselage, was done in a different, rougher style to the Royal lion crest on the port side. This isn't confirmed, nor is there any evidence to really support the theory. As a result, Pheon have supplied this in the same style as the lion crest, which looks quite superb. These specific decals are printed as the main body colours, with a fine black lined overlay which will give the various elements their edges. The red and yellow/gold trim lines are also supplied in decal format.


As for that decal sheet, is does look daunting when you first look at it, but when you tie this into the instruction sheet, it is straightforward. Printed by Fantasy Printshop, the decals are thin, contain minimal carrier film, and very importantly, are in perfect register. The only national markings supplied are the fuselage crosses, as the kit ones will do perfectly for the remainder. Various edge trimmings etc are easily identifiable with the colour sheet.



Pheon's instruction manual is again a hive of information, with the origins of German fighter units being explained, as well as the creation of Jasta 5, and the colours used for their machines. Two passages on Wolf and his machine are also supplied, as well as some brief notes on decal application, and information of the reference used for the production of this set.


I've been waiting a long time for this one, and I'm certainly not disappointed. I have a sort of affinity with all things Bavarian, possibly due to many misspent hours in Munich beer halls, and I find the lure of the Bavarian colours on an aircraft, just a little too much to resist. This one has to be the ultimate for folks like me. You'll need to ensure a flawless gloss white surface onto which to apply the main pattern, and that will be your biggest challenge. I actually think the decals should be a breeze to apply, and any compound curves there are should be quite simple to overcome with Fantasy Printshop decals. I've had excellent success with getting them to conform, even without setting solutions (which I don't recommend on these multi-part patterns).


Simply the most beautiful Albatros ever, and perhaps even the most attractive bird to take to the skies in the Great War.


Very highly recommended


Our sincere thanks to Pheon Decals for this review sample. To purchase directly, click THIS link.


James H



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