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HK B-25H


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My bomber collection is now complete! At least for now. I just picked up the HK B-25H from my LHS on Monday. I tend to lean towards the odd and unusual, and mounting a 75mm cannon in the nose of a medium bomber, seems to fit the bill nicely!


Has anyone heard if or when Eduard may be producing an AM set for this? I'm pretty sure the Brassin .50 cals will work, and know the wheels will, but I also know the cockpit wasn't your standard B-25 office layout.


I've already looked at Profimodeller's AM for it, and although I'm tempted, I have never worked with their stuff before, and have no idea what the quality is like, let alone how or where to get it in the US.


Any ideas?

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Send Eduard an email asking if and when?  They have always replied to my inquiries asking those exact questions.


Thanks Rick. I'm not quite sure why a solution that simple slipped my mind! Must be all the drooling over my new toys......

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I wouldn't sweat it - when has Eduard NOT produced PE sets for a new aircraft???


I would be more worried about the cost...with every large 1/32 release their prices seem to be going stratospheric!

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