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1/32 Eduard Bf 109G Cannon Pods (for Revell kit)


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 Bf 109G Cannon Pods for Revell Kit (632035)



Catalog # 632035
Available from Eduard for $19.95 US
Bunny Fighter Club price: $16.96 US




By the time of the introduction of the Bf 109G-2 the standard armament of the Gustav was starting to showing signs of obsolesence.  Although the MG 151 cannon and two 7.92 mm machine guns were adequate for engaging most fighter aircraft, it was proving inadequate against larger adversaries.  The Soviet Il-2 "Sturmovik" in particular, which many Luftwaffe pilots jokingly referred to as being made of cement, was incredibly difficult to bring down.  Luckily the Bf 109 was nothing if not versatile, and was designed to accept various field modifications or "Rüstsätze".  One of these (R6) was the installation of an additional MG 151 gun pod underneath each wing. 







This modification substantially increased the fire power of the aircraft, which would prove a welcome addition when confronting the "Viermots"  when the battle for control of the skies over the Reich began in earnest.  Of course this additional firepower came at a price, the increased weight and drag further decreased the maneuverability and speed of an aircraft that was already becoming over-weight and under-powered.  When Allied fighters gained the capability to escort the heavies to targets deep in Germany the gun pods became more of a liability and fell out of favor, especially since the 109 was beginning to be equipped with the 30 mm Mk 108 cannon.


The Revell 1/32 Bf 109G-6 has been well received by the modeling community and will be a staple in most large scale enthusiasts stashes for years to come.  Unfortunately, unlike Hasegawa and Trumpeter, Revell did not include the MG 151 gun pods that were present  on many of the iconic Gustav paint schemes that we've become familiar with over the years.  Eduard has produced numerous add-ons for the Revell Gustav so it's no surprise they've stepped in to fill another void on this kit.








The Eduard package is comprehensive and superbly done.  The resin gun pods feature more detail than any of the previous injection molded offerings.  As you can see, in addition to the gun pods, fully detailed MG 151s are included as well as extra parts to portray the gun pod in the open (maintenance) position.  The gun barrels incude the leather boot that was often (not always) present on the barrel where it protruded from the gun pod.  The only drawback I see with the MG 151 barrels is they're not hollowed out so some careful drilling will be in order to open them up.




A small sheet of photo-etch is also included.






So what's the verdict?


The set is really is a gem.  If you're a 109 nut like me, doubtless you have some spare gun pods in the spares box that will work just fine.  However if you're looking for something a little more sexy this set will definitely fit the bill.


Highly Recommended


Review copy courtesy of my wallet.

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