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Fokker D.VII Alb - Harbers Crash


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Hi gyus,


I'm in! :) There are not many Albs build and I already made Udet's red D.VIIF, so this time I will try Alb, it will be this beauty Fokker%20D.VII%20(Alb)%20611~18,%20Uffz.


I will try to reproduce this scene from Harbers crash and create a little diorama with pilot and witnesses - farmer and shocked goat :) looking together at this unlucky bird :)



I already had a farmer chosen: http://www.mbltd.info/3588.htm


but I'm sure, I will change head to Hornet one, second one from this set is absolutely excellent:



...and I also have a goat!!! :D


I hope goats didn't change so much between WW1 and WW2 :D


Still looking for appropriate standing pilot with resignated look on his face.

I will start as planned in second half of August.


Cheers guys



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nice to see that you have finally joined us Zdenko! And a great choice for the scheme, I was looking at this one too as there are so many to choose from.


Love the idea of the crash dio and the extras. The second head is perfect for old tired farm worker. As, to the goat.... They may differ.. Here are some great reference books on this site - http://www.goatbooks.com/Goat_Books_Home.html ;)

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Holly crap! Dave, that's a lot of goat reference publications, the ones that I find most interesting are "The Goat Handbook" and "Living With Goats" :D


I will also alsolutely need some great goat walk around, so udder counters will not be able to find something unrealistic on my diorama :D

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