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1/32nd scale Hobbycraft Silver Sea Fury in RAN markings

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Hiya Folks,

                Sorry if I`m hogging the forum,.....bu if anybody is interested here is the /32nd scale Hobbycraft Sea Fury which I finished a few months ago, painted in the silver and red scheme worn by the Aerobatics Flight of the Royal Australian Navy`s 805 NAS, circa 1958. Some nice photos of the real aircraft including three in colour appear on pages 70-72 of Tony Butlers Sea Fury book by Dalrymple & Verdun  and my original built thread is here on Britmodeller; http://www.britmodel...ings/?p=1433498


Anyway, here is the model, Tamiya silver spray paint, with Humrol enamel gloss red and varnish applied by brush;









I`d like to say a very big thank you to Peter who helping me out with the vacuformed canopy and I`m sure you`ve seen his fantastic 1/32nd scale land based Hawker Furymodel which is also based on the Hobbycraft kit,  but light years ahead of mine!

I believe that the Fury is on this site but it can also be found here;

http://forum.largesc...showtopic=40054  Cheers mate!!


I`ve got quite a few previously built 1/32nd scale models so without wanting to come across as a big head, I`ll drop them in now and again if that is OK,.....unless there are any objections? 


All the best

                Tony O


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