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Airfix 1/24 Typhoon - airscale Instrument Panel


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evening all
I have spent the last few days sending many of our airscale Typhoon upgrade sets out across the world for the new Typhoon and it occurred to me with many builders soon to start using them it might be worth adding an mini WIP on how I would get the best out of the kit parts and the decal set.
Happy to pull it if not wanted of course, so will see how it goes...
I will only complete the Panel rather than the whole cockpit (so won't be adding all the many placards we include), as I assembled the test shot parts I had to make pictures for our instructions. Also I won't be tempted to detail any more than what is included in the box, so let's see what you get in the kit.
The panel is beautifully reproduced and is joined by a clear insert, which while it is clear is not meant to be used in that way which is a bit curious...  I can only think it is to allow for the spare bulbs which are moulded as three small protrusions above the top left of the middle six instruments..
..first thing is the dial faces have bevelled edges so first thing was to take a flat file and flatten them all down - the side panels are at an angle and the flat must be flat to the surface of these...
..in addition a few of them are too small for the holes in the one I had so these will need replacing with punched discs and therefore filing even further back...
..this is after a few minutes work - don't worry about losing clarity on the clear part as we have decals to go over them - the faces should be at a uniform depth and as flat as possible...
..I used a Waldron punch to punch out a few discs to tidy up the apertures that needed it - mine was a test shot so maybe different to the production version, but this is easy to do if needed...
..one thing that I noticed after assembly was the clear part makes the middle six instrument panel (the 'Blind Flying Panel') very, very thick when viewed from any angle, so I carefully routed out the top of the clear part with a dremel...
..I don't have instructions or all the parts so not sure how the panel mounts, but you should be able to see the tops of the instrument bodies through the gap at the top of the Blind Flying Panel, so I added some scrap tube to represent them...
you may want to disregard this if it complicates assembly, but I am a cockpit geek and it would bother me (ahem)
..not easy to photograph, but you can see the thinner panel and maybe the backs of the top three instruments..
..also means I can add a convenient handle to work on the part..
..I always prime before painting, so a shot of Mr Surfacer to see what's what. I would still prefer to fill the gaps in some of the dial faces, but will see how we go...

..hope this is useful as I am doing it anyway to make sure no tweaks are needed in the new set. Mods feel free to move to vendors area or wherever if needed.
..back later after painting...

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wow, thats looking good Peter,


And it is also a good tutorial  for the ones that are going to build the Typhoon. I am building one right now and can't wait to use your set on my build.

i'll be following this build,


Thanks for sharing,




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thanks Frank :D


well, that all went pretty smoothly - an evening's work. Everything fits so thats the first hurdle overcome!


I just blasted through to get it complete this evening and really the only tips I can give are take your time and trim what little carrier film there is if the dial sits in a recess.. oh and an optivisor is very useful!


..so, after priming I shot a coat of semi gloss black (all paints are Tamiya), followed by Nato Black...




..then picked out the details with a semi gloss black wash - basically thinners with the paint added carefully applied with a fine brush...




..then it was cut out a dial and start application according to the instructions - I just use a small blob of cold water..




..after working through the dials & placards it was done! If I was doing it for real, I wouldn't do too much differently - maybe add some panel details and certainly take more time painting the coloured dial surrounds...


..as it is, my photography is not so great so here are a few pics of the panel with different backgrounds to try & give some idea of how it looks...








..I still need to chip and weather it, and look at how best to 'glaze' the dials as I can't use my normal punch & glaze with acetate as the moulded dials don't all fit my waldron punch set - I expect glazing with future or gloss varnish will do it... will see next time..


I hope that was useful, and can't wait to see the builds of this astounding kit that are sure to come in the next few months..





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..to finish up..


drops of future on the dials, a bit of matt varnish on the placards, some weathering (at least my best efforts at it..) and hopefully some better photography in natural light...










..just need to get the rest of the kit now.... but I must resist - I have a 1/32 DH Hornet & Ju188 to build first ninja.gif




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Very nice Peter, and very useful too. What are you going to do about those light bulbs?




ha - forgot about those!


..they are 'blackout bulbs' for night ops dontcha know... yes thats right air ministry order 143-56/334 of June 38th 1921 decreed all aeroplanes with more than 12 moving parts needed a spare set of completely black bulbs in case the world lit up forever and the pilots needed some darkness...

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Many thanks for this Peter, expect an order  from me soon for a set of these along with a 1/32 set for another kit I have just bought. I like your idea regarding the instrument bodies but I have a horrible feeling that the IP won't fit with those on without major work to the firewall and the fuel tank.

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