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  1. Hi Carl, it hasn’t been changed, the picture and text on the Hannants website where I got my information from are incorrect. I understand that they have been asked to update the details on their site with the correct picture.
  2. They have altered the fret. All you get now are the various panels, transfers and associated acetate. The text on Hannants and the Airscale site reads “holes and slots are cut for levers and switches (not supplied)”.
  3. Airscale have reduced what they give you for the Lancaster cockpit now. What’s there looks great but the levers and so on have gone. I have written to them asking why.
  4. Nigel, will that also apply to the Eduard IP? I bought that one as the Airscale one doesn’t have any levers with it.
  5. It’s definitely wrong for a Mk1/lll, Nigel. It should be similar to the one in the Tamiya kit, which of course has its own shortcomings!
  6. The Eduard flap set for this kit is £75.00!!
  7. Wingnut Wings “The Duellists” Sopwith Camel and LVG C.VI
  8. I got one of these recently and for me the only disappointment is that the instrument panel is for an E, not a C. Also, the dials are blank on the panel and there are no dials on the decal sheet. Fisher do a lovely resin set but it is cost prohibitive.
  9. Hopefully not as the plastic is very forgiving. The problem is that the affected sprue is not quite square so if it is put in the box incorrectly the sprue bends and the box becomes stretched.
  10. Wingnut Wings Ship's Camel and, although perhaps not appropriate here, Airfix 1/180 HMS Prince. Lovely.
  11. It could have something to do with the size of the box. The sprues are a very tight fit.
  12. Many thanks for this Peter, expect an order from me soon for a set of these along with a 1/32 set for another kit I have just bought. I like your idea regarding the instrument bodies but I have a horrible feeling that the IP won't fit with those on without major work to the firewall and the fuel tank.
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