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ProfiModeller Meteor upgrades


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1/32 Gloster Meteor Upgrades

Interior – Air Brake – Gun Bay

Profimodeller  32195 (Interior) – 32200 (Air Brake) – 32193 (Gun Bay)

Available from Profimodeller for:

32195 - Interior: € 7,20
32200 - Air Brake: € 4,30
32193 - Gun Bay: € 17,90


HK Model’s 1/32 Gloster Meteor F.4. A relatively simple kit with limited parts that builds into a nice rendition of the Meteor straight from the box and can also form the base for a super detialed Meteor. For the latter these three sets are a great start. The pro’s of the HK Models Meteor are subtle service detail, great fit and proper dimensions. The Air intakes and canopy could have been better though, but I won’t go into those here.

The Czech company ProfiModeller has proven to be a great partner for the new chinese model brand by making upgrade sets for their B25, Do335 and B-17. I really like the way the chop up the detail areas into small bags. One for the interior. One for the Gun bay. Not one huge interior upgrade, but the choice of how far to go. Both in detail, as in budget.




The interior

This is a need to have in my opinion. The area behind the pilot seat is hard to find reference on. Beleive me, I tried… The HK Models model features a flat undetailed area. This set let’s you build the frame and canopy sliding unit that belongs there.









The instrument panel on the HK Models kit is detailed, but could definately benefit from some colored dials and refined detail. I myself am not a huge fan of transparant film with dials that you need to sandwich between PE panels. They lack color and need white paint on the back to make the dials pop. The latest Eduard dials are nice, but still not as sharp in detail as I’d like to see. Profimodeller provides a piece of fine printed card in color that needs to be glued between the plastic kit panel and the PE panel.
Last there is a PE gunsight. A prominent feature in the Meteor’s pit. 6 parts make up this instrument. Especially nice detail on the switch that lets the pilot select it’s opponents wingspan in order for the aiming computer to make the correct calculations.








The Air Brake
If you decide to model your Meteor with the Air brakes open, this is a set that will make a difference. The Air brakes on the Meteor are positioned on top of the wings and below. The fine photo etch does not appear to pose a challenge and personally I love the fine rivets rendered on these parts. Also included in this set is the trim tab on the rudder. Which is a nice detail.




The Gun Bay

Now this is THE set I was anticipating the most. Truth be told: I started researching this area in order to 3D model and print this section myself. That urge quickly dissapeared when told Profimodeller was ahead of me.
The instructions are very clear, which they need to be, since this set means surgery on your model. Cutting out the hatches that cover both the barrels and the rear access area to the gun breeches. A resin tub fits inside, accomodating the two resin guns. Overall nice and delicate detail. Checking the parts with my (scarce) references, all the elements are there. What I love is the panel framing made from photo etch. These will need careful handling and glueing. The same goes for the inner detail / framing of the hatches. Very nicely done.









Before taking the saw and scalpel to engage your Meteor, check your references and study the manual. As you can see in the photo’s ProfiModeler provides you with clear and extensive instructions that explain which parts to cut out and what to sand off in order to make this set fit. I myself found it hard to find good photo reference material of the Meteor’s gunbay. Which is the reason I hadn’t started this project myself just yet. That’s why I’m also grateful ProfiModeler provides us with coloring instructions (mostly black J).














The resin for the tub that accomodates the gun breeches is nicely cast in cream resin and needs minimal cleanup. The same goes for the two gun bodies. The two grey pieces of resin make up for the gunports that house the blast tubes. The barrels and these blast tubes are turned brass. All the other parts you’ll find in the photo etch fret. Actually the only thing not included is some wiring. In case you’re wondering: i prefer thin lead wire. Easy to bend, easy to glue and more natural to drape. Overal a very complete, well researched and detailed kit.


Upon getting my Meteor I knew I wouldn’t start mine until some after market sets became available. Actually I was betting on Eduard to treat us first, but ProfiModeller was quick on the ball. As I write this HGW released a set for the seatbelts. Nicely complimentary to this set! The HK Models Meteor is (as said) a nice basic kit straight from the box. I’ve seen a couple of them built and it really doesn’t need that much. Again: not talking about the canopy and intakes here! But if you want to open the canopy and add some detail under her skirt, this is a great way to go. I think it won’t be long till more sets appear on the market (gearbay?) and I hope they will be done by ProfiModeler. Mixed media, clear instructions and great detail.


Stay tuned for a review of the ProfiModeller Meteor Engine set.


Very highly recommended


Our sincere thanks to ProfiModeller for the review samples. To purchase directly, click HERE.


Jeroen Peters

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