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ESCI 1:9 BMW R75 w/Sidecar #7001

Johnny Doogong

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Cheers Young Tiger, I hope so.  I can probably work out a lot of the main frame myself, but the fine detail I would need the instructions really.  I've tried Revell (they bought the rights to the Esci kit) but they haven't manufactured it for years and cant help.  I've searched the internet with no success either.  SO hopefully someone on here, may have a copy that they could scan and email me....

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Okay posted this to the Facebook Group:


Hi Everyone.
There is a member on LSM that recently bought a ESCI 1:9 BMW R75 w/Sidecar #7001 off ebay for a bargain however there's no instructions with it.
I suggested to him that we had a few members of our group with older staches that may have instructions that he could get a copy from.
He's done on line searches etc with no luck plus he contacted Revell (they bought the rights to the Esci kit) but they haven't manufactured it for years and couldn't help.
Having this problem with my recent Revell A-1A build I know how frustrating an instruction hunt can be! Can anyone help??


One of our members Harry living in Greece suggested that you might contact Italeri as they bought some of ESCI molds?

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Hi Ralph,


Thanklyou for your efforts, I didnt know that Italeri also bought some of Esci's molds.  I'll ping an email to them later today.  I've also put my problem up on some facebook groups I'm a member of, got some possible leads, but nothing concrete yet unfortunately.  I have managed to find some online builds, with tantalising glimpses of the assembly instructions underneath the 'in progress' model.  For the moment, at least I can make a start on the bloody thing....May even do a build log :-)

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