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  1. Sorry Martin, The III C is Italeri! That makes it official, I am a doddering old fart! Sorry for the misdirection.
  2. Martin, Forgive me for dragging the chain . The Mustang I imagined, Is your's the same sprues? The Mirages I currently have stashed, Be aware I'm in "The Great Southern Land" so postage might be an issue.
  3. Kind Folk, Per topic title. I'm in Australia, so this would work better for Australian viewer, but I'm open to suggestions. Thanks.
  4. Oi Rog, What's the early (16003) Luchs like? Good, bad, indifferent? Was it from Metro? Cost? Jesus, I'm annoying some days!!
  5. Artful 69, I'm in Raymond Terrace, NSW, Australia.
  6. G'day Folk. I've just acquired a 1/24th scale Bf109E. It's missing the canopy sprue. I'd like to build it as an E4(squared canopy). I wonder if some kind soul might have a canopy set (3 pieces) spare? Possibly if the E3 option was built? Buy , barter or swap. Thanks, Kais.
  7. Iain, yes I'm feeling your pain. I was in there today for other things and checked their stock of WNW. ALL GONE! Sorry if I gave you false hope.
  8. Iain, check Frontline hobbies in Newcastle. They're online and I saw an early and a late about a fortnight ago. Good hunting!
  9. Jereon, Could it be that the cockpit resin is not far enough rearwards in the fuselage? Isn't the instrument panel meant to line up to the front of the fuselage in your photo? Measure twice , cut once and all that guff!
  10. GazzaS, You have seen your avatar, right? Frontline Hobbies in Newcastle NSW had a goodly stock of WNW until recently(haven't checked since COVid), not sure on their prices but for you Aussies it might be an other option. Be well folk.
  11. Jeroen, Beautiful work. If I may,... are the blades showns on the pallet possibly orientated incorrectly? Just an FYI. Keep going.
  12. Gazza, Try BNA for the conical headed bolts. https://www.bnamodelworld.com/military-vehicles-tanks-detail-up-parts-et-models-et-er35-022?zenid=4ac74cb64828a8b34974c95399cd5aa4
  13. Michael, I notice the string turned into rope! "It's JUST a hobby"! As if ! Brilliant result.
  14. Hey Clunk, Sorry for the tardy response. I have no idea who owns this beauty, I just did an image search to show what I wanted to convey.
  15. Gaz, G'day from New South Wales. " Kicking their asses should be a legal sport!" - why so harsh on their donkies? I think kicking their arses should be a legal requirement! The world is peopled by idiots and arseholes, unfortunately your penance for being a good guy is to meet each and every one of them!! Nevermind mate, it's beer o'clock, have one and forget the mouth breathers.
  16. Coolboxx, that's right. The throttle then has a thumb rocker switch to do the function when the prop pitch is in manual. Be careful of the compass represented in your drawn image, the E compass was a fluid filled bulged affair as in the photo you posted.
  17. coolboxx, that IP will build an E-1 to E-3, as the prop pitch switch in the lower centre of the top panel is the earlier manual toggle type. FYI.
  18. Very timely motivation . Thanks Martin. Last pic didn't take.
  19. You ARE weird Martin. You're our kind of weird though. Power on mate.
  20. Gives a dimension to two decimals and says "or there abouts". RESPECT.
  21. DocRob, Curiousity or reference, you might find these helpful. https://youtu.be/BM7ZSaGISiM https://youtu.be/PwGo6oTX_aY Love what you've done so far.
  22. Harv, might a thimble from your S.O.'s sewing kit work.
  23. Gazzas, alt 145 = Ä " 132 = ä " 153 = Ö " 148 = ö " 154 = Ü " 129 = ü " 0235 = ë " 225 = ß
  24. Sieg oder Bolschewismus! Viele Helden! Horrido! Danke Martinnfb
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