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How are the 1/24 Airfix replacement Typhoon canopies?


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Hi guys,


Does any of you have got a replacement Tiffie-canopy from Airfix? I've read mixed experiences -not about Airfix, their service i outstanding and fast- but about the "droop" in the canopies. 


I've read somewhere that the keep the clear parts a short while longer in the moulds before ejecting them so the parts can cool down somewhat more and don't display the droop. On other forums I read that the droop is still present, only the cracking has been sorted?

Anyone know what it'sreally like?


I knowthere are resin alternatives around, but prefer injection moulded transparencies if at all possible as resin still isn't as crystal clear...




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Hi Erik,


I have bought two Typhoons, and both had the crack and the "droop" in the canopy, got two replacements from Airfix, no crack anymore but the "droop" and also the distortion in the windscreen remain. I don't think that they will get this sorted with Airfix, and i will be using the replacement part, I can live with the "droop" and the distortion.

(of course this shouldn't have happened with a kit in this price range, but i don't want to keep nagging about it).


I am now so far in the build that the rest of the detailing of the kit takes most of the attention, and not so much the canopy, but as with everything, you know it's there, so you immediately start looking for it, anyway, it won't ruin the pleasure i have from building this kit. I guess it's up to builder to decide, and it's for your pleasure, so you decide how important it is for you





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