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Revell BF109G6

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This 109 is build straight oob and the only thing i have altered are the Beule or the bulges for the guns at the top of the fuselage.

Paint scheme is not an exact copy of the original aircraft because there aren't a lot of photographs of this particular aircraft....

This aircraft was the mount of Karl Rammelt.

It was also my first model finished in 12 years,so the mojo is back again.

Also this kit was a pleasure to built.


My regards,  Jan

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Thanks again for the compliments, scale modelling is just like learning to ride a bycicle once you got the skills you wil keep them for life.

And for Ralph the band is a gray as close as the grey violet because the original band was paited over to delete the one  it wore in Italy.

The camouflage are humbrol enamels and some old authentics from humbrol and these where about 20 years old at the minimum.

The green is a mixture  of my own interpretation but is a little off

That is why i like enamels, but for the finish i used microscale Klear Flat and that one is non yellowing.

For the panel lines i used a simple water paint.

So i use al kinds of paints together and it never gave me problems in the past and it still works, most of the time the clue is to let your paint dry  long enough and dont spray thick layers and that i learned from some vinyl models i made in the past.(vinyl doesn't like enamels but it can be done with very thin layers and enouch drying time between them)

This model took me two and a half month to finish and most of the time was consumed by camouflaging and research.

And although i didn't build a model for years, i always kept thinking about modelling and solutions and new projects.

When i started again i felt right at my place and it gave me a energy boost .



My regards,  Jan

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