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RAAF Spitfire Mk.Vc

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Hi Everyone, here is the start to my 1:32 RAAF Spitfire Mk.Vc. I've used the Aires cockpit to boost up the otherwise grim and barren detail provided in the Hasegawa kit. Yep, its an old tooling but most of the general shapes are quite good, besides, I thought it would be fun to do a complete rescribe and rivet and breath new life into an old kit. Kind of "a diamond in the ruff" if you will. No doubt there will be of plenty of aftermarket, kit pilfering and perhaps some head scratching ahead of me but I think the results will be worth it in the end !


Here's a pic of the A/C I plan on doing. It appears quite weathered thanks to the "top end" Aussie climate its been living in. Its the best continent on earth if you ask me, but hey I'm bias. :)


Anyway onto the pics.......





The work so far on the Aires pit. Quite nice detail if you ask me, except for the the seat which seems to be a little bogus due to its somewhat oversized nature. Mmm just like whats going on inside my pants but lets keep this g- rated shall we thanks Pete. Ok, so I would have used the seat from the 1:32 Aires set for the Tam. Mk. Ix Spitfire but it seems undersized compared to the Aires Mk.V cockpit . Mmmmmm what to do ?





I still have more detail to add in the cockpit such as the oxygen tube, rudder pedals and fuslage frame and I've also thrown in some Eduard placards which really added some extra spice (sorry no photos yet )







I've gotten rid of those old raised panel lines by rescribing them and I've added rivets to the entire airframe aswell. This takes a heck of a lot of time and I still have a way to go yet. Apologies for the crap photography but it gives you an idea of whats going on. An ink wash will highlight it better for the pics, but thats for next time.




Thanks for your intrest,


Peter Olsen

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While Im at it I'll post my 1:32 Ta 152 Cockpit WIP pics . I know it doesn't exactly fit the theme of this thread but hopefully you'll like them ....


Upgrades in clude Eagle Editions Fw 190 resin seat, HGW seat belts and Zoukei Mura etch ( but the Instrument panel isn't in these shots yet)







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-Have run into a bit of a stumbling block with the cockpit pit. Unfortunately the fuselage frame that holds the seat is to small for the cockpit and doesn't touch either side of the cockpit walls when I join the fuselage halfs together. Either the Aires part is to small or I've grinded the fuselage walls down to thin when I glued in the resin cockpit walls. Considering I started this build over two years ago I can't remember what I did in terms of test fitting but that won't help me now anyway.


At the moment I'm trying to completely rebuild the frame and trying to get it to fit. Another solution may be to shim the part out with plastic strip but I think this may look to obvious especially near the cockpit door opening......( hard to know what I'm talking about without pictures)


I hope I come up with a solution as I've done quite a lot of work on this one so far....


Fingers crossed and I'm opened to suggestions........

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Hi Pete, you could try cutting the head armour off, cutting the cross brace and point of the "v" so you have two halves. Make a spacer piece to get the correct width. At least you'll keep the frame work in scale and hopfully minimal paint work............ just my 2cents worth.


Cheers Bevan.


Ps hows the 109E coming along?

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Hi All, here are some better shots of the rivet and panel line work with an acrylic flat black wash applied. I had to modify the original Hasegawa Mk.Vb wing into a Mk.Vc type so a few of the panel lines had to be filled and rescribed.

I also used the Baracuda Studios resin cannon buldge for the Tamiya Mk.Ix spit as applicable for the "C" type wing. Judging from period pics of RAAF Mk.V spits, some of the cannon bulge shapes seemed to vary a little but perhaps this is an optical illusion due to different camera angles in various pictures. Most referances seem to depict a rounder shaped style similar to what was originally on the Hasegawa part (see further below)but in the wrong position for a "C" wing anyway. Mmm, so I just may have to correct my bulge.............."Thats what she said !!!" :) But enough of the Waynes World quotes.


In the shot below you can also see how the original wing started out, sporting its 1970-ish "raised panel lines" ....... urrrrrrrrh yuck !


Another comparison between the old and the new.


By the way, I fixed that fuselage cockpit frame issue ( thankyou Bevan) but there's still some sandling, filling, painting and weathering to bring it back to where it was. At least its in ! The fuselage is also waiting for more rivets and panel line treatments.


As always, a few things to fix and some Model Master gun barrels are on the way .......


That's it for now .......

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