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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

Just arrived... The Duellists


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WOW.  The box is huge, and its packed full of plastic.

I know some have issues with the fact its expensive and only one decal choice but its the one I'd have chosen anyway and the whole thing is less than the W.29 goes for on its own on Flea Bay :)

I'd say its well worth it and even with £46.22 to Parcel Farce for Import Duty its still almost £80.00 cheaper than Hannants if you order it personally.

Well recommended, cant wait to build it and almost tempted to drop everything, it'll be epic and a long build process.  Just reading the instructions now.  Rigging scares the crap out of me though :)





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That's insane Jase!!!


Still, you gotta love it. What an awesome box of plasticness [sIC]!


I think you'll find the rig on the Felix is easier than you think. I'd be more worried about the internal rig. Have you seen that?

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The question is - WILL IT FIT IN THE SINK?


You know I never washed a plastic kit in my life. Resin stuff....yes, but never regular plastic parts.


Actually, I tell a lie, there was one short-run kit I had which had some release-wetted parts, but that was it.


Put the soap away......just build! ;)

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