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WNW Bristol F2B Fighter

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Even I was bitten by the WNW bug and I got the Bristol Fighter, always loved the rugged yet elegant look of the beast.


The plan was to build it out of the box but I cannot do that as I messed up the photoetch magazine bag which had to be made from Tamiya tape, but I was pleased with the result. Everything fits, which is a pleasant change. I had glued some stretched sprue between the fuselage frames but the cockpit module didn't fit. So had to take the wires off and drew them onto the fuselage sides with a pencil. As I don't like aircraft with their bowels hanging out, I planned to glue the cowlings shut. Didn't fit so had to leave out the engine bearers and oiltank. Cowlings are now buttoned up and the fuselage is in the painting stage at the moment.

Hope you like it



The boxart, very nice



The stretched sprue attempt



What I didn't know then



High quality cockpit parts



Instrument panel



Failed photoetch magazine bag



The quality of the kit is evident



Looks like an aircraft already



Gunner compartment



The only seam worthy of mention



Interior again



Ready for paint, Baby Yeah!




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