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Tamiya 1/35 Tiger I Initial Production

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I've been working on this kit for a few weeks. The build itself is typically Tamiya where the parts just fall together. It's pretty much an out-of-box build with only a couple of alterations - just don't have the money for aftermarket bits. Anyway, here are some photos:


The box art



Build progress





Looks too new, whatever shall we do...




Primed with Floquil Engine Black - what a stink!



Used some fine mesh leftover from another kit to simulate the screens in lieu of PE



And finally getting the base coat of Model Master Acryl Panzer Dunkelgelb 1943 down




Road wheels. Lots of road wheels - and this isn't all of them!



My first 1/35 figure in way too many years



I still need to paint the turret, and may go back and redo the tires on the road wheels - I used Tamiya German Grey and am just not thrilled with how it looks. Once the base paint is done I'll coat it with Future for decals, the another coat of Future to seal and provide a surface for a sludge wash. Filters will follow along with chipping, dust, and other weathering.


As strange as it sounds this is the first Tiger I've ever done in all my years of model building.

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Kit has been on hold for a couple of weeks due to a nasty cold that I'm still recovering from. Also have a set of Friul Tiger I Initial (mirror) tracks enroute - the kit rubberband tracks are darned nice, but are very thick and heavy. Getting them to sag properly is more than I want to tackle at this point.

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​Don't hate me for this….. but…. at MiniCon (Ontario, Ca.) in 2012, a vendor had a late Tiger set for sale. I have Witmans Last Tiger kit. Vendor wasn't quite sure what he had. Sold them to me for $10…………..and……………wait for it…………..they were assembled.

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First 25 links assembled. Took me about 2 hours to get to this point. Two more sections have been assembled since I took the photo.




Still have another 110 links to check for flash, then assemble those into the left track. Also need to decide how to finish them. Don't have any burnishing fluid but my wife does have some Liver of Sulphur for her jewelry work if we can find where it got packed away last move.

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I wasn't going to use any aftermarket on the kit but the thought of trying to get the kit tracks to sag properly made me change my mind. Building the Friul tracks has been a slow process due to my arthritis. Unfortunately that slow process has now come to a screeching halt.




My neighbor's 9 month old Bull Mastiff got his leg stuck betweem a post and panel in our vinyl fence (horrible stuff, would replace it if we weren't renting) and I tried to help him get loose. Made the not-so-wise decision to try and pull the panel back but got my hand too close to him and...well...scared puppy, what can I say.

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