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1/32 Revell Bf 109G-14 16./JG 5 "Blue 11"

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Revell Bf 109G-6 (early/late) kit


Kagero decals, Eduard Brassin undercarriage and exhaust, HGW seatbelts.




Enjoyed building this. It's not the high standard most of you can produce, but I'm still pleased with the result.
I learned a lot and hopefully my next build will be better.
Most pleased with what the preshading did...specially the underside.
I'm not overly happy with the darker shades on the top side. Even though the Kagero book showed a rather dark camo, I maybe overdid it.
Too dark to my liking anyway.

Imho the Revell kit is very nice. Only dislike the prop and spinner. Barracuda props for future 109s for sure.
I don't regret using the Eduard Brassin exhaust and undercarriage, both very nice, but I can do without them.
Maybe better to say...I'm not worth them. I build to make a kit look "pleasing to the eye" not to show large photos of small details.
My result is simply not good enough for that and it's not something I strife to reach. I admire what you guys do though.

Thanks to Mike and Matt....their kit review helped me a lot. Thanks to others for their nice comments and tips.


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