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1:32 bf 109g-10 Erla


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Hi everyone, here's a bit of a sidetrack from my Corsair and Spitfire but I couldn't help starting with this one as the cockpit set just looked so nice ! Its the Aires 1:32 bf 109g-10 cockpit for the Revell kit.


Paints are Gunze acrylics and fine details were picked out with Vallejo. Seat belts are from HGW and I find that the supplied fabric really bends and sags realistically. I always thought luftwaffe seatbelts were a kaki colour though, not olive green? A coat of Testors metaliser provided a base for the paint chipping and the cockpit placards are from Airscale.


A few more details to add but soon it will be ready for placement into the fuselage....... ah the fun part :)

I plan on doing one of the schemes from the Baracuda decal sheets.












Thanks for looking,happy modelling,



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Very nice Peter,


I am actually picking up a G-10 this afternoon from a club member. The dark green harnesses were quite common for late war aircraft. As supplies were dwindling another source for harness material was needed and hence the dark green started appearing.


Regards and good luck,

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Oh very nice. Got 3 G-10's in the stash so think I'll pick up a Aires pit for one of them. As for the green belts grabbed this of Radu's website (I use his belts all the time)


"Orlon (Ersatz) seatbelts. This type of seatbelts using a synthetic material called Orlon was introduced late in the war. There is at least one record of this type of seatbelt being used on the FW190D9 but they were also used on other aircraft such as Me262, Bf109 or He162"



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