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1:32 Fokker D. VII Empty Ammo Box - MaDSaM


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1:32 Fokker D. VII Empty AMMO Box

Catalogue # 32PE001

Price tag: €11 or 12 $ plus shipping

Order by email: auhlik@gmail.com

Payment: Paypal only

Photo-etched parts: 42 pieces

One photo-etched sheet




The modelling world since 2009, have seen some quite a revolution on WWI theme. It`s really almost a industrial revolution indeed, because every single year we see lots of news aftermarkets items for WnW models that comes from well know manufactures or brand new ones.


MaDSaM is simply a brand new manufacture, one (or two) modelers… It`s “one man show” that release a very curious upgrader for all the WnW Fokker D.VII

An empty ammo box.




All Wnw Fokker comes with a ammo box with full ammunition belts. So f you want to put it empty, (with a mechanic putting the ammo belts) lots of works is necessary to remove the belt and to turn the ammo box thinner to represent it at scale thickness.


The set is packaged in a slim, re-selable small wallet with a semi-rigid card insert, to prevent bending. Also a sheet of folded instructions are included to the rear.


In a first look is quite a simple set, that will stand out your Fokker among the others.

This set contains a single, bare brass fret with around 42 parts, all neatly manufactured.







It´s a simple set with simple construction, that it`s easy to achieved just following the instructions that are quite good and comprehensive and quite easy to follow.



I think that the WnW modeler will understand perfectally.


The set design allows the modeler to make all 3 variants of the ammo box: high, medium or low.

So this set can be use in any WnW Fokker D.VII and it just give it a different look or just essential to a small diorama.

 See a full build ammo box (courtesy from Alexandr Uhlik one of the man behind MaDSaM)















This little set is a perfect upgrade for your Fokker D.VII and its quite worthwhile so it give a little extra finesse and gives you extra detail (and mainly different detail with different ammo box.

So, if you just want to enhance your Fokker or put it in a small dio with some ground crew taking care of your Fokker, this set is perfect for you.

It`s a love project from Modelers to Modellers, so it’s a quite limited edition to only 15. Yep, that right, only 15 set are available for now. If everything goes well, a second bunch will be produce.


Highly recommended


Fran Guedes


Our thanks to Alexandr Uhlik and MaDSaM for the review samples and the trust given in such a small production.

To purchase send a message to email directly to auhlik@gmail.com





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