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Suitable brass barrels for 1/32 Fokker D.XXI


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Since I'm sure several of you will get the Silver Wings Fokker D.XXI, maybe you'll find this nice to know.
The D.XXI was equiped with 4 FN M36 7.92 (.312) machineguns. I was wondering about suitable brass barrels and did some research.
Okey...research is perhaps a big word...I was bored and googled a bit :rolleyes:
Anyway...this I found...


And this is the brass barrel solution for it...


The Master AM-32-012 British Mk 2 Browning .303 caliber (7,7mm) without booster and flash hider (2pcs) will do nicely.

Only a minor adjustment needed to get yourself some nice brass barrels for your beloved D.XXI






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