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What's the rarest kit in your stash?

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I posted this same thread on SPAR, but I'm curious to see what large-scale stuff people have, so I cloned it over here.


Lately I've been enjoying looking through the kits in my stash. I pick up a kit, take it out sprue by sprue, and think about possible build ideas. While I am nowhere near the point where I have so many kits that I forget about some of them, it's a lot of fun because some of the kits in my stash have a lot of potential that I haven't considered, yet. Others are models that I got a while ago and interest me more than when I first found them.


Almost all of the kits in my stash are pretty available on the current market. One kit that I found on a sketchy UK website a few years ago is Aeroclub's 1/48 Meteor NF.12. I've seen Aeroclub's NF series kits go for over $100 on eBay recently, and I am happy to say I paid a small fraction of that. It's kind of cool having at least one somewhat rare kit in the stash. I know there are other kits, like original boxing Monograms, that are rare enough to be museum pieces (they have several in the Smithsonian, actually!) but it's cool to have a kit of some worth that is still of a low enough value to be worth building.


Now, to my point. What's the rarest kit in your stash? Rarest doesn't have to mean oldest, because some 70s Monogram kits are a lot easier to find and pay for than some recent limited-run kits. Post pics and descriptions, if possible. Of course, if it's rare enough that someone reading this thread might want to break into your house to get their hands on it, you have an excuse for not posting!  rolleyes.gif


Anyways, a little more about the NF 12 kit. Overall, it seems like a pretty good Vacuform kit. The detail is there, more or less. The little bit of resin and injection-molded plastic parts seem to have high quality, too. However, the metal parts are pretty crude, so when I eventually build the kit, I may end of scratchbuilding a lot of the cockpit. I also may find other meteor kits that have parts that can replace some of the metal parts.


The decals are good quality, given their age (which, as a matter a fact, I'm not actually sure of). There seems to be some cracking on a few of them, so I'll give my best efforts to reseal them (or whatever you call it) before I start using them. Amazingly, they really haven't yellowed all that much.


Overall, the kit will be the biggest challenge I've faced yet, but I'm gonna hold off on it until I feel that the time is right, so I hope to give it my best effort.


I'm interested to see what others have in their stashes. Maybe we could have a "Rare Kits GB" some day, or something like that. Maybe kits that have been completely out-of-production for more than 10 years.











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I have a 1/32 vacuform CAC Boomerang kit by short-lived Aussie company FM Models. It's a great kit! Mine is part of a limited release that contained resin and white metal detail parts, is number 11 out of a run of 20.



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I've got three - The Fisher 1/32 F7U Cutlasd, MDC Typhoon, and the La-5.


They all terrify me. Which of course means I need to tackle one soon.


That's the best attitude to have about kits like these. I feel that way about the NF 12 vacuform. Since I'm going to the National Convention in August, I'm gonna be working on a kit or two to take with me in June and July, so I won't get to the Meteor until next year at the earliest, but my nervousness about making it doesn't outweigh my urge to try it out, haha.

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