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WnW Rumpler C.IV (Late)

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Hi Jeroen,


This one was and a start and stop for me too, but decided I would not move forward on any other WnW kits until I finished this one.  Probably not a good choice for the first build of a WnW kit as it has a high number of parts and the rigging is quite extensive, but what the heck already had the wings finished so might as well finish the whole kit.


I am building Rumpler C.IV 8231/17 which has the 5 color lozenge fabric on the wings and fuselage, it is one of the kit decal options.  Took some doing to tone done the very bright kit lozenge decals but I think the end results was worth the effort.  I will post some photos of the completed wings once I finish some repair work on the decals, did some masking over the completed wings with Tamiya tape and it lifted off the decal when I removed it. I don't recommend using tape over the decaled surface, even with three coats of Tamiya clear it still lifted off.  Moving into late spring and summer, my workbench time will be extremely limited so I do not anticipate much progress on this build until fall and winter.



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