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MENG 1/35 M2A3 Bradley with BUSK III - Almost Done

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Hi all,

Its been a while.  New job, new challenge, less free time.


So, I finally finished off the MENG 1/35 M2A3 Bradley.  Its the one from my WIP.

Its mostly painted with Vallejo with lots of MiG and Ammo washes and Pigments used.

I love a bit of weathering so I went to town on this one.


Its waiting for some figures to arrive, for me to find suitable material for the aerials (any ideas welcome) and for some sort of diorama base to put it on.

Anyway less words more pictures.  Enjoy and as usual constructive criticism is very much appreciated.
















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Thanks for the pointers Doogs.
I have ordered Accurate Armour Carbon Fibre Aerials that I saw at the last Telford Show.  

Lets see if they arrive, if not I'll be using some of my old guitar strings :)

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re: aerial - guitar strings! They have that springy quality of whip antennas that you can't get with wire or with floppier stretched sprue. 


Used them on my LAV-AT and was satisfied.



I'm going to try that on my next build, Leopard 2A6. My neighbor thinks he's a bass playing and has all that stuff laying around his garage.

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