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GB 2- Early Rumpler


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I'll be doing a few Rumplers as well...  This thread will be for the early variant.


Will be built mostly OOB, using a Rexx hollow metal exhaust and maybe some HGW belts.






And the paint scheme will be:


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Thanks guys

I figured a technique to mask the ribs pretty quickly where i start at the back of the wing and wrap it all the way around to end at the back of the other wide of the wing.  It took me all of 30 minutes total to mask the upper and lower wings for preshading with this method.  The control surfaces just had light preshade of thinned tamiya black airbrushed around the edges and where the internal ribbing was located.


I use 1mm and 2mm masking tape that I can only find at Lucky Model, you get a lot more tape for the money than the thin masking tape you can get from SprueBros here in the US.  No idea what the company name is but you can see the product line is here . The 1mm width fits the wingnut molded-on rib tape perfectly for almost all aircraft, and the 2mm diameter fits larger aircraft like the gotha perfectly.  

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