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Ar234 Monographs 3D edition / Kagero

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Monographs 3D edition #61 (3061)


Arado 234 Blitz

Volume I


Publisher: Kagero

Written by: Marek J. Murawski, Marek Rys


Available from Kagero for € 21,97




Ofcourse… Just finished my Ar234 build and then Kagero hits us with this pearl of a publication. I’ve said it before, but I just love these 3D editions. They have the ability to give us (the modeller) a very good sense of what goes where and how, by eradicating nasty shadows that obscure our view. Secondly these 3D renderings are a great colour chart, showing us in detail what lever is red and what tube is aluminium. The quality of the materialisation is very high, causing us to see, and above all understand, what we are building. This book being volume I makes me guess as to what to expect in volume 2. I’ll tell my guess later on… Please note that Kagero already has an excellent Monographs book on the Ar234. This book deals with the design, production and variations. Amazingly cheap at € 6,56 euro’s (!).


Let’s walk through the chapters:



Three pages lead up to the design and development phase of the Ar234. In the introductions we read a report of the first operational sortie of  the Ar234 at Juvincourt.







Design and development of the Ar234A

About 20 pages describe all the different fuel tanks, armament, gear / trolley / skid setup and engines the Ar234 saw. These chapters are mandatory reading, but also pretty well covered in other titles. Lets be honest: these chapters are not the reason we buy this book!





Arado 234B, followed by Ar234C

These chapters are illustrated with the well known photo’s of the mock-up wooden cockpit that was used to determine what gauges and controls went where.




3d renderings

And then what we came for: the amazing 3D renderings! Flipping through them we can check off the cockpit, cockpit glazing, gear (nose wheel and main gear) and outer fuselage. So my guess is that volume I will show us the engines, inner rear fuselage and fuel tanks. Maybe even the night fighter version with the observer’s seat and work area.









The work that was put in the 3D model of the cockpit is staggering. I can know, since I work in 3D software myself on a regular basis. If you’re looking to add some extra detail to your Fly Models 1/32 Ar234, this is where you plan your steps. I just wish I had this book when scratch building my canopy hatch… The 3D drawings are revealed from outside to inside. The glazing is taken off to reveal the framing. The seat is taken out, as is the instrument panel. Rudder pedals, side consoles (in extreme close up), periscope gunsight and bomb release computer. All followed by several shots of the complete cockpit. Lovely…






The nose wheel on the Ar234 is a bit tricky. Especially in the Fly Models kit. Dry fitting and adjusting is needed. These renderings let you understand how the springs are attached and how the wheel actually retracts into it’s bay. And yes, again I have seen a couple of things I would have done differently on my kit if I had the knowledge. The same goes for the main gear. Brake lines and small nuts and bolt-detail.







Also featured in this book is a 4 page walk around of the Smithsonian Ar234 B-2. A nice addition. If you like these photo's, I suggest getting the AeroDetail book as well.




The book ends with several renderings of the complete plane and four colour profiles. These are the same profiles that are featured in the #33 book.


On top of this all we find two huge folded up drawings/plans of  the Ar234 in 32nd scale and 48th scale. Ofcourse we, as Large Scale Modellers, don’t use the 48th scale drawings J

These drawings show every rivet, which is quite convenient for the Fly Models Ar234, which has close to none. The front view comes in handy when positioning your gear legs and wheel angle.









A damn good title with 3D drawings that seam to gain quality with every publication. I’m in love with these series. For the price of just over 20 euro’s, this is a need to have for anyone that wishes to tackle an Ar234. Who knows: maybe one day Revell will release one in 32nd scale, and then we all want this book. So better get yours now ;)


Very very highly recommended!


A special thanks to Kagero for the review sample.


Available here.


Jeroen Peters




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The "scale" line drawings aren't correct. They simply replicate the issues that first appeared in B. Hygate's drawings, which were published in so many places. 



Hmm ok.. 

Can you elaborate on the 3D renderings? Are they based on good intel?


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I can't really tell from what I can see in these images whether the 3D renderings are ok or not. But the line drawings have obvious flaws such as short engines, incorrect wing angle of incidence, bad wing shape and bad cross sections. There is a whole long list of issues with those drawings... 

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Some posts deleted and others edited.


No name calling or other mud slinging allowed here. I know certain subjects can be emotive. For me, it's the Me 262, but we're supposed to do this for a way of chilling out, and so it must be. Please go pour a large one and relax.........breathe......

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