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Schizophrenic Mossie


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Hi all,

Looking forward to this build. Will be using the HKM Mossie with a cunning plan ( or an idiotic one for that).

I plan to build one side as the prototype Mossie W4050 and the other one as a regular B Mk IV DZ497. A 6 metre wingsection is on display at the museum I work for as a volunteer.

Converting the prototype involves shortening the port wingtip and horizontal tailplane, shortening the port engine nacelle and modifying the split flaps into one single flap and altering the port engine nacelle which had internal exhausts. The prototype half will be trainer yellow and the starboard half will be in 139 Sqn camouflage.

I plan to show the difference between the prototype and the production version.

Can't wait to get started as soon as the kit arrives.

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Hello Cees,


looks like you are in for a challenge, only time will tell if this is a brilliant plan or an idiotic one. I have full confidence that you can pull this off, your beaufigther sure proved that .

looking forward to your build,





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