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GB4 - Belgian Harry (Yes, I have bad ADHD!)


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I'm going to put the late Rumpler on hold indefinitely (my GB3 thread is dead. Long live GB3!) and instead will be working on the RE.8 using the markings from Pheon's decal sheet for the Belgian bird.  Will also use the hollow metal REXX exhausts and possibly a barracuda resin seat.  This'll be interesting! :)






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And what do you know, there's a photo of the aircraft online that Pheon have depicted! This will help with a lot of little details like which type of interrupter gear, solid or painted-over plexi upper center wing, etc.


Found on http://www.belgian-wings.be/Webpages/Navigator/Photos/MilltaryPics/ww1_precurseurs/royal_aircraft_factory_re_8.htm


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