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WnW Albatros D.Va (OAW) Hans von Gössel Jasta 71



 Albatros D.Va (OAW) Hans von Gössel Jasta 71


So this was my second WnW build that has been a stop go, stop go affair since September 2014. After my Sopwith Snipe I had learned an awful lot about the hobby and I was determined to take my time. Also the fact that this had been a gift from a very close friend meant that I really wanted to do it justice. 


This WIP thread will be basically just photos from the very start to where I am presently, so sit back relax and enjoy watching a noob make a complete balls up, recovery, balls up as I stop go, stop go my way through the build. 











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Tight work!

And smart thinking on the creases in the lozenge!!


Many thanks Jeroen - actually that very piece took 4 attempts to get to the finished item. I felt the black line around the fabric and the nail marks too cartoonish and stood out too much - the later pictures show it with a brown oil paint wash and no nail marks and it looks a lot better now it is install in the closed up fuselage. (You could still see the heavy black line when closed up)

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Just saw thus as well and it looks like you my friend sure like a challenge. I mean, 2 WnW things at the same time...wow! Well, you are doing great and I like the little trick on the seat you did. Just a little action with pin vise and hobby knife and it looks like it's a real cusion...that's pretty cool. I'll have to remember that ;)

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Hy Guys, actually this was the second ever WnW aircraft I started way back in Sept. 2014 so I was building the Eindecker and now the DH.2 at the same time as this.

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Actually I'm behind on the updates for this one!


The upper and lower wings are complete and just need some post shading work.











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After bonding the two halves together it was time for some more preshading ready for Uschi van der Rosten and Ronny Bar Fine decals.






I made really great progress after the initial learning curve.




However I completely forget to reduce the viscosity and NO!




However with some very fine scalpel work to remove the gloss varnish and the base I was left with a great surface to relay the preshading:



And then custom cut the panel section again and relay and varnish the area. VERY pleased with that recovery!




It actually ended up happening several times during the process! I was a little to liberal with the thinner when it came to cleaning up the section I was working on, so in the end I just removed all the side panels and started again.






After completing all of the wood I decided to walk away and take a break....where is that Eindecker?



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So the next job is getting some colour and the amazing Aviattic Lozenge down on to the wings!










Time to get those hand cut rib tapes down!




And some national insignia!



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