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WNW Sopwith Pup RNAS with 1/6 Le Rhone Engine


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Alright, time to enter my build for the Great War GB. The venerable 1/32 Wingnut Wings Sopwith Pup RNAS along with the Williams Brothers 1/6 Le Rhone engine that powered her. This will be my first entry, done as a set. It will be on a wood display stand, yet to be designed. It will be done in the "Betty" scheme, in honor of my mother, Elizabeth.





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OK, let's get started. I am starting the engine first because this is NOT a WNW kit. Far from it. This kit from Williams Brothers is an OLD kit. Let me repeat that, this is an OLD kit. I built their 1/6 Wasp and it turned out pretty good. The one problem I found is these old kits need a LOT of cleanup. The cylinders or intake manifolds do NOT have alignment pins. The detail like the cooling fins on the cylinders does line really nice but you have to do the aligning by hand. Not that hard really, but takes careful handling. I could make this sound harder than it actually is but I am sure everyone here has built a plastic kit that had these kinds of issues. Some extra work will go into this kit but I think it will be worth it when it sits next to the WNW Sopwith Pup that this engine graces in reality.


The cylinders assembled, there was a large sink mark where the putty is.




The protrusions from the side above are the spark plugs.




Here are the 2 halves of the intake manifolds. The detail does line up pretty well but there is a lot of flash from the ancient tooling.




The long part in the middle above is the push rod assembly. Again, a lot of detail, but there is some flash.


Now, here is the rocker arm and springs. Make your own judgements. Maybe some careful painting, these may look OK.




The small, hex shaped parts are bolt heads and nuts to be used to enhance the detail. Nice touch, but a LOT of flash. May be unusable. I saw a build report elsewhere and the modeller actually used real tiny screws and nuts to replace the molded ones.


Here is the front of the crankcase. Really nice detail here. I have mixed feeling about this whole kit.




And finally, some of the other parts.








This kit is going to coincide with the build of the Sopwith Pup. Stay tuned for the start of the cockpit. Enjoy.



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Please let me add something here. For those of you that might want to tackle on of these, James H. comes to mind, Hasegawa has 2 1/8 scale WW1 engines out. One is a 1/8 scale 110hp LeRhone that is actually a German Oberursell and the other is a 1/8 scale Clerget. I have both of these and I can honestly say they are both beautiful kits. Modern tooling, at least newer than WB. No flash, intake manifolds are one piece. These two simply stand out and the only reason I am dong the Williams Brothers kit is because that was what was in the Pup and I want to get it out of the way. My WW2 Wasp came out really nice.






There is a lot of detail in these kits, just keep in mind the older technology.



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Well, it's been a while since I posted on this. But there has been work done to it, especially the Le Rhone engine. I got caught up in this because I really like these large kits. These older kits need a LOT of cleanup but the the results are worth it. Here are some updated shots of this beautiful kit. I say that with tongue in cheek although the finished model will be well worth the hard work.


I cut off the molded bolts and replaced them with brass screws in scale.






I am not happy with the parting line of the cylinders being in the front and back. Cleanup is a bear and will never be perfect.




Here a few of the rear half of the engine assembly. This will also have brass screws added in final assembly.












And last but not least, 3 shots of the WNW Sopwith Pup's motor.








That is all for now. Next will be shots from the cockpit build and painting of the wings and fuse. Hope you enjoy these. Cheers.



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I have been fixated on this 1/6 LeRhone engine to go with the Pup. At the detriment of the Pup. But, that WILL be finished too. Here is where it's at at the moment.


Remember, 1/6 scale, so it stands to reason it will need a 1/6 prop. Here is a 13" prop I bought. I will need to sand it and stain it. It is unsuitable as is.




The engine is NOT finished but close. Here it is.








I still have to add wiring, hoses and some weathering. I hope you all like it.



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