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Gloster Meteor Walk-Around; Aviodrome, Lelystad.


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Gloster Meteor F.8 Walk-Around


In March 1953, the Fokker built Gloster Meteor F.Mk.8 c/n 6466 was delivered at Soesterberg as '3W-50' to the 322 sqdn. of the L.S.K. Within a week the aircraft was damaged in a landing accident. The aircraft re-entered service in November 1953. The next incident with this airframe, re-serialed '3W-50', took place in May 1954. The canopy exploded in flight. In spite of the damage the aircraft landed safe. October 1956 the aircraft re-entered service as '7E-12' with the 327 squadron. Early 1957, the Meteor was moved to the 322 sqdn. as '3W-32'. On 28 May 1958, the airframe was phased out, but the Meteor survived as a monument at Soesterberg AFB. Since 1958, the Meteor was on static display first as 'I-187', but in 1981 the registration on the aircraft was changed to 'I-147'. Striking on the displayed aircraft is that it carried the red of the 327 squadron at the top of the tail and on the nose, although the last operator was 322 squadron that carried blue... After over forty years of open-air display at Soesterberg AB the airframe was in bad condition and the canopy was missing.

On 14 February 2006 this Meteor F.8 arrived at Hoogeveen airfield. The new owner of the Meteor was ATN Aircraft Division, a specialist in restoration of aircrafts. After the restoration of the aircraft, it should be displayed on a pile at Hoogeveen airfield. This plan did not go through and the aircraft was donated to Aviodrome. Early 2009, the Gloster Meteor was moved to Lelystad. Today, the aircraft is displayed as 3W-32 in the Royal Netherlands Air Force '322 Squadron' colours by Aviodrome at Lelystad.

Text: Jack Wolbrink; avia-dejavu.net


Interesting to see is that the aircraft is fitted with the late all-plexiglass hood but not with the big breather intakes! Other F.8's in the Royal Netherlands' Air Force were, however, photographic evidence exists. Do note that the F.8 had different trim tabs on the ailerons than the F.4. A difference that is not addressed in the Fisher conversion set.


A couple of photos to get a feel of the curvature of the fuselage at the cockpit. Since I'm of the opinion that the standard HK F.4 canopy is too squat I was wondering if the fuselage of the model may be too wide. Luckily that seems not to be the case!










The profile of the leading edge of the wing. Sand the kit's leading edges to this profile:




The stance of the nose wheel. It may be that this is too high since the a/c is basically a hollow shell but the nose-low stances on other museum aircraft are because of leaks in the oleos.




The standard intake. As can be seen the Fisher correction is very good!




The wing tip.




At the aft end of the tip is -what I believe- the fuel dump nozzle.




The Meteor F.8 had two trim tabs spanning the length of the ailerons as opposed to the single tabs of the F.4.




Both upper and lower (the trim tab actually) rudder parts have a metal strip at the trailing end as opposed the F.4 where only the upper part has it.






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