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Shepard Paine - Sad Loss


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Hi Guys


Sad news came through today that Grand Master Modeller and Military Historian - Shep Paine passed away on the 1st of August.....


A great tribute has been released on the MMSI Club Website    http://www.military-miniature-society-of-illinois.com/new-page-2


Many of you will know him from his dio’s the Old Monogram Colour sheets and the many books he produced....


Sad Loss indeed



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Shep Paine was the how and why this hobby became a passion for me at a very young age.  I began building Revell, Aurora & Monogram aircraft and armor kits in the late 1960's around the age of 8.  Along came a Monogram 1/48 B-17G in the early 70's that I received for Christmas and inside was this wonderful color flyer of the kit presented in a crash landing diorama with step by step construction photos by some guy named Shepard Paine. I was blown away with awe.  I tired and tired to duplicate his work, cutting my B-17 kit up and trying to make the same details with whatever I could find, and the painting he did, it was unbelievable at that time.  My B-17 ended up in a crash landing diorama, all brush painted with Testor's enamels and displayed it in my bedroom, I was so proud of it.  The kit build was actually a mess, absolutely awful, but hey, I was 10 or 11, and then came these wonderful Monogram 1/32 armor kits with guess what? ...... more Shep Paine "How To" flyers. 


Sometime in the mid 1980's I got back into the hobby after a long break from it for High School and College interests, Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll.  I learned that Shep was offering figure painting classes in the Chicago, IL area and I immediately tracked him down (did not have internet back then so it was sending letters and making phone calls) and enrolled in one of his weekend classes.  Best weekend I ever spent, learned how to paint with oils and all these cool techniques like blending, highlights and shadows, etc., etc. It was awesome.  Although Shepard had not been modelling for years, and I understand he had sold off most of his Military collections, his influence on this hobby and industry was never lost or forgotten, always inspiring, always will be.  Miss you already Mr. Paine, rest in peace my mentor and friend.

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Yep. It was Shep it who did for me. Bought that Monogram 1/32 Stug. You know, the one with the orange tracks. That little pamphlet inside. Wow! Look at those pictures! Next came more models, then an airbrush and then my first large purchase of my life! That Binks air compressor in 1973. Life was good. Model on Shepherd! You changed many a young boys life!

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