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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

Emhar's British Mk.IV Heavy Battle Tank & Tauro's Sturmpanzerwagen A7V


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As we're all laying our cards on the table ... and I can't believe I'm doing this, but these are my entries for the Great War GB


Emhar's Mk.IV Male Heavy Battle Tank:




with some upgrades from Panzershop:




I'm also hoping to finish it in this captured colour scheme ... just a bit more colourful I thought:




and if I think I'm going to break down then this might come in handy:




My second entry is this Tauro Sturmpanzerwagen A7V, I haven't yet decided on a scheme and I'm trying to track down (no pun intended) some add-ons:




Lastly ... have pity, I've set the bar for myself really high with this.


:sofa:   :poppy:  Lest we forget .....



PS:- If any one knows of any AM for the A7V then please let me know !

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Errrr. exciting wasn't the first word that sprung to MY mind Martin.... terrifying? Yes, exciting? NO.  


However, for everyone else, I'd bet it's exciting because this GW GB is going to be "MEGA MAN, WICK'ID !!" (as said by certain generations). 


In reality - I am looking forward to it immensely, it ought to be huge fun and .. I'm unlikely to run out of anything consumable wise!!   :D 

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Far out and solid, Grant. Showing my age here, LOL. Nice choices Grant. Can't wait to see the outcome. You should scratch the interior for the A7V.




Do you mean like this Paul?






I'd love to BUT there's no way I could it justice .. perhaps "off piste, off camera" I might have a play and see what happens.  :unsure: 

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I must be going nuts (and I know it's not eligible for the GW GB) but I just bought this on evil bay for the sum total of £11.  Couldn't resist it!




Nut, utterly nuts.

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It was designed in 1919 and released to the Italian Tankers in 1921.  I couldn't resist it when it came up for sale though - even knowing that it wouldn't be eligible.  

Suddenly, I've got a new found fascination for these rudimentary tanks ... the men who manned these were equally pioneering in the use of these vehicles as were the guys flying above them.  Whether I'll build it round about the time of the GB I don't know but I thought it fun to have in my stash.

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It's plastic Martin ... the same brand as the Sturmpanzerwagen A7V I'm building for the GB.  Tauro Models are Italian and I'd never heard of them until I went searching for an additional WW1 topic.  They've produced some interesting subjects including some (Italian) 1/48th aircraft :




(BTW, it's a very clumsy site to navigate)


I don't think they're uber kits and I've heard they're a bit of a struggle but, hey! why not ?... should be fun.

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