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The comeback of German wartime aircraft


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Well, had to give it a topic header didn't I.

Although interest into the Luftwaffe has always been high, the past decade has seen a huge growth in bringing back from extinction such as the Fw189 and He115 or more airframes being available for restoration. Personality I have always been fascinated by the finding, recovery and restoration of aircraft. These days it is possible to see multiple DB Powererd Messerschmitts 109 flying at airshows including a number of E's. Very recently that was just a dream, and only a selected airframes were gathering dust in national musea.

Since the iron curtain fell, dozens and dozens of wrecks have been found. The effort needed to restore these airframes have also benefitted modellers as more information comes to light and the subject is better understood. Looking at this topic, what do you think about the current development?


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In that respect, it was great to see the "Airbus Industries" Messerschmitt Bf 109G in the air at Flying Legends at Duxford. Although it really is a Hispano-Aviación built HA-1112-M1L Buchón that got a Daimler-Benz DB-605A engine retrofitted.



Matthias Kabel on Wikipedia

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I love the 109E!! ... My favourite Messerschmitt - it seems (for me) to typify the German approach to things at that point ... 'never mind how good it looks - does the damn thing do what we want it to do?' ... The E was rough around the edges (I wouldn't dream of calling that nose 'streamlined') but it had the power needed (at the time), decent manoeuvrability ... and the necessary armament (including explosive canon shell upgrades) ... It is so good to see some originals - or original design replicas -flying around today ... especially with a DB engine!


Rog :)

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