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Gap Filling CA


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I'm really getting away from fillers whenever possible and sticking with gap filling CA glue.  Sands beautifully, crack resistant and tough as nails.  If you're not using it for seam filling and other reasonably small gaps I'd highly recommend you check it out.

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I've used CA for almost everything in assembling plastic and resin models for almost 20 years, now. I use the generic brand that can be found at Walmart (in the US) that comes in the black tubes on a yellow card. It's four tubes to a pack for something like $1.57. Not only are four tubes cheaper than a single tube of some of the big names, but there's usually double the amount of glue in each tube, as well. Also, I haven't had any of the shrinkage issues with it that I have experienced with some of the name brands. Unfortunately, it only comes in a fairly thin liquid form (or probably "medium" compared to some others) and no gel, but I rarely ever need a gel anyway and can usually "span the gap" with a couple/few applications of the liquid, just hitting it with CA accelerator, right away. It also sands very smooth and can be polished to be almost as clear as glass.



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