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Revell 1:32 Lynx Mk88

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This is the last 1:32 kit I finished. I built it over Christmas/New Year holiday 2013/14






Yes I know Lynx rotor blades don't droop, and I could find a satisfactory way of modelling the intake FOD guards, that apart it went together well.

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That looks lovely! Scale and subject-wise you are all over the place!  :D


I mainly build 1:72 nowadays and the odd 1:32 and very occasionally a 1:48 or 1:144 airliner


Great stuff Mish.  Would like to see more of the 32nd-35th scale helicopter kits built.  Cheers, Ralph.


I have another Lynx to build, I thave the RN version which I will be converting to a French Navy version.


Beautiful helo, Mish - how did you like building it?


Have this one in the stash, but was very impressed by it in the box.

Like Ralph said, strange that helo's don't get more attention - there are some nice kits around.




It goes together great, just one joint in the engine bay area that requires about a 2mm shim to fill it.


What you can't see on my photos is that I wired the sonar station equipment using lead wire.

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