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Aeroline Plusmodel 1/48 R-98 / AA-3 Anab Air-to-air missiles


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Aeroline (Plusmodel)

AL4051 + AL4052

R-98R (AA-3A Anab) + R-98T (AA-3B Anab)

Click to purchase the R-98R or the R-98T directly for

$15.90 or Eur 11,10




History from Wikipedia:


The K-8's development began in 1955, known as R-8 in service. Like most Soviet air-to-air missiles, it was made with a choice of semi-active radar homing or infrared seeker heads. The original missile was compatible with the Uragan-5B radar used on the Sukhoi Su-11 and several developmental aircraft from Mikoyan-Gurevich.

It was upgraded to R-8M (better known as R-98) standard in 1961, giving the SARH weapon the capability for head-on intercepts. In 1963 it was further upgraded to the R-8M1, making it compatible with the RP-11 Oriol-D radar of the Sukhoi Su-15 and Yakovlev Yak-28P.

Subsequent development led in 1965 to R-8M2, more commonly called R-98, with longer range and improved seekers, compatible with the upgraded RP-11 Oryol-M ("Eagle") radar. The final variant, introduced from 1973, was the R-98M1(NATO 'Advanced Anab') with better countermeasures resistance and longer range, matched to the Taifun-M radar of the Su-15TM and Yak-28PM interceptors.

Two R-98's were used to bring down Korean Air Lines Flight 007 on September 1, 1983. The R-98M1 remained in service through the 1980s, being withdrawn with the last Su-15 'Flagon' interceptors.


What's in the sets?

Both sets contain parts for two missiles, the R-98R set for the radar guided variant and the R-98T for the infrared guided version.


The main body with the main fins are cast as one part:



The rest of the parts for the R-98R are the front guidance fins and warheads, the exhaust parts of the rockets and -not on this photo- a decal sheet and a fret of photo-etched parts. A nice addition is the inclusion of two alternative warheads that have  protective covers for the radar seekers moulded on:



The set of the IR-guided R-98T differs in the warheads with transparent parts for the IR-seekers. Also supplied are covers for the IR-seekers. The PE-fret is the same as in the R-98R set:



The decal sheet:



With all these parts and decals some good instructions are imperative:







All in all this looks like a very nice product to add to your 1/48 Su-11 Fishpot-C or Su-15 Flagon! Or the XT-Model Yak-28P when that's hitting the market...


So, Highly Recommended!










I very much like to thank the good people at Plusmodel for providing LSM with the review samples!


The R-98 on the Su-11:





On the Su-15:









And the Yak-28:




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