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1/32 Matchbox DH-82 Tiger Moth

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Here's my entry for a wonderful GB on yet another forum which theme is; "The name of the subject needs to have an animal in it...". The options are endless, and I decided to dive into the stash and grab one of my antiques. 

And I have plenty of antiques to chose from...20160110_134123_zpsuo5ywoxm.jpg

But only one that ticks all of my -and- all of the GBs boxes...20160110_134340_zpsptjt8e8t.jpg

Matchbox kit? Check.

1/32 scale, and thus a nice big canvas to work with? Check.

Room for improvement with minimal scratchbuilding? Check.


Tiger >> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiger

Moth >> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moth

Tiger Moth >> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garden_tiger_moth

It's three times the animal it needs to be! biggrin.gif tongue.gif

Yummy multicolour box content. Matchbox was doing MCP before it was cool. Eat that, Academy!20160110_134350_zps64eyz6tn.jpg

Decal sheet... and they look like they might (being very cautious here...) still be usable...

Trees... lovely crisp parts, no hint of flash on anything. One of the advantages of using an early boxing!

I -had- one of the Revell reboxes in the stash, and that one had a lot more flash and sinkmarks. And even if it didn't have a decal option for the floatplane version, it did have a nice Dutch decal option... oh well...

Classic Matchbox instructions. Gotta love them, sooo much nostalgia!20160110_134903_zpsyyxoxgbw.jpg

But the Revell instructions I downloaded have a nice bonus; loads of rigging help! 

And trust me, I need all the help I can get when I'm rigging...

I want to try to build this OOB as much as I can. Perhaps some harnesses and some tinkering with the engine, but nothing major. I will be working on this one whenever the Wendover build grinds to a halt for whatever reason. Good way to keep sane... (I hope)

More soooon!


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...I remember making this kit back before the days of electric light, when my loin cloth kept getting in the damn way...What a wonderful kit that seeing this has brought back so many memories.Thanks for the very pleasant trip down memory lane Rob; may this give you as much pleasure as it gave me way back when...

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